Marco Polo Biography

Marco Polo, 'The World Wandering Bard', Poet-Photographer-World Traveler-Life Lover-Teacher, was born (December 29,1945) and raised in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City in the Bohemian FREE spirit of Whitman, Frost and Ginsburg with great love for the immortal Shakespeare and the Classics. Educated in Columbia University and on the streets of night-time Manhattan. Marco has exceeded the lead of the Lost Generation icons Gertrude Stein, Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald and traveled well beyond his first Love, Paris, The City of Light, to 52 Lands all round our Beautiful spacecraft Earth. Currently residing in St. Petersburg, Russia Marco enjoys Communicating, Culturizing, Teaching English, reading and Creating Poetry and Photographing Beautiful Nubile Nymphs and stimulating an English Poetry Round Table (http: // to a group of St. Petersburgians.

Over 700 poems of Marco's poems and many of his photos can be seen on Marco's Homepage:

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If you would like some more info an adoption from a reply to an e-mail inquire from the nephew of the excellent poet James A. Emanuel ( may suffice: http: //