Margaret A. Brennan Poems

The Greatest Father

Through tear-filled eyes I asked the Lord why He too my Dad.
He was the best of fathers a girl had ever had.
God looked down with pity and I felt warmth in His smile.
I thought I felt Him hold me as He said, "Don't cry, my child."... more »

With Nothing More Than Sand

I watched him work so feverishly
Digging up the sand.
Imagination was his ruler;
It had only to command.... more »

The Garden Of Stone In Memory Of My Dad, Frank J Harucki 1922-1993, A Ww Ii Veteran And My Brother, Francis W. Harucki 1945-1995, A Vietnam Veteran

As the families gather all around,
Together, and yet alone,
Tears fill the eyes of all who visit
Here, in the Garden of Stone.... more »

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