• Bumble Bee And Rabbitt Lee

    "What are you doing?" says Bumble Bee
    "Playing with a daisy." replies Rabbitt Lee Says Bumble Bee, "Can I sit on the daisy flower soft
    To eat nectar and then take off?" Rabbitt Lee grins and his eyes do sparkle
    As he lay in the clover with a lazy chuckle... more »

  • Nature Speaks

    All is quiet until Lightning comes with a fire across the sky.
    "I can do better than that." says Thunder and he rumbles with deafening cry. "Oh yeah? says Cyclone, I'm stronger than that, I can move anything on earth"
    "You had better watch out, and keep your mouth."
    Said Earthquake shaking with mirth. Nature speaks the wonders of creator God... more »

  • Overcoming Lesson

    The Devil taunted, "You'll never succeed, you lack knowledge and expertise."
    "Look at the way you are having to live when everyone else is comfortable.
    You are working too hard, Your funds are low
    You're discouraged and tired, You are getting slow." What am I hearing, what shall I do?... more »