Marge Piercy March 31, 1936

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She never felt much in common with gay men; it was like telling her she ought to feel empathy with child molesters because they were both defined by the law as sexual deviants.
Marge Piercy (b. 1936), U.S. poet, novelist. The High Cost of Living, ch. 3 (1978). Referring to the character Leslie.

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Barbie Doll goes to MyPoemList and into my December 2018 showcase. Thanks. bri (:
i just read Marge's Barbie Doll. i found it to be a fantastic write. it's about how people are treated and how they may react when they are NOT 'picture-perfect' [women] as portrayed on covers (and in centerfolds) of magazines, in TV ads, and on couter runways. bri (:
This blew me away. I stumbled upon this by sheer luck. Thank you for sharing this.
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