• ... For Our Soul To Nurture

    They are friendly, entertaining, mysterious,
    Addressing different themes, issues,
    Telling us diverse life stories
    Much more exciting than news.... more »

  • 2012 New Year's Day

    On this world peace day
    The lovely quietness
    Of their voices
    Brought the same magic... more »

  • A Brief, Encouraging Note

    It surely was a hard time
    For you to have to say 'goodbye'!
    Did she really care about your plans,
    Your talks, your efforts, your dreams?... more »

  • A Chant To Life

    This intends to be a chant to Life
    To every moment of joy, even strife
    To every thread of inspiration
    All privileges and incantation... more »

  • A Chant To Love, Peace & Life

    If the world around you brings grief
    And you hardly find relief,
    Then seek the spiritual pole comforting your soul.

    If your country rulers don't care... more »

  • A Clamour For Humanism

    Countries, peoples across the world
    Are in need of a wide, free gate
    Through which noble principles,
    Human values are supposed to circulate.... more »

  • A Flash Of The Past

    A couple of years on
    We hardly believe
    Such days of joy have gone...
    But those happy young faces... more »

  • A Gesture Of Love

    From dawn till dusk
    They are compliant
    With every principle and task.
    They are humble, obedient,... more »

  • A Haven For The Soul

    A poem is something
    We truly believe in.
    It may be...
    A struggle for the mind... more »

  • A Life Story

    The quietness and brightness of our days
    Escaped from here, my dear.
    It shouldn't have been that way -
    For the memories, fondness, care... more »

  • A Song Of Joy

    From the top of the mountains
    We breathed the pure air
    Enjoying the stunning, awe-inspiring views,
    That stretched around there.... more »

  • A Special Request

    I have no time
    To waste any longer.
    I just want to live
    Each day in wonder.... more »

  • A Spiritual Journey

    Many lovely stories have been told
    So passionately, rich they are like gold.
    Strong feelings, lively emotions have been preserved
    So intensely, true they are so vivid!... more »

  • A Sweet Haven

    Today I'm not in my usual mood
    to face things in life as I would...
    Sad thoughts of loss of our beloved,
    and missing talks of other dearly loved... more »

  • A Trip Amidst Nature

    That morning's trip
    Was such a jolly grip
    That's taken the swallow
    In full glee... more »

  • A Vivid Daydream

    'Tis a vivid daydream
    Resumed in silence
    Taking her like a pilgrim
    Devotedly into that space... more »

  • Abro Janelas Para O Mundo...

    Pergunto-me por que razão
    isto acontece...?
    O sono ainda não obedece
    O coração quase estremece... more »

  • Acceptance

    The sun couldn't show up
    Illuminating the land
    With its glimmering beams.
    The sky, only greeted by clouds,... more »

  • An Act Of Reflection

    It has caused much anxiety
    Preventing us from working online
    Blocking our interests without piety.... more »

  • An Angel's Whisper

    An Angel whisper'd to me:
    'All times should be of love
    Aimed to build real peace
    To overcome old tensions... more »

  • An Encounter In Poetry

    We've met in poetry discussions
    Within a professional ELT environment
    Which gathered thousands of teachers
    Eager to learn, updating contents.... more »

  • Assim É...

    É ter e não ter
    É alegria e dor
    Em cada dia desde o amanhecer.
    É lidar, actuar, recordar,... more »

  • Autumn Images

    It comes and unfolds
    Sometimes quietly
    Over soft rain falling
    Blessing the dry fields... more »

  • Autumn Leaves

    From green to yellow
    Singing tunes so mellow
    They're falling down the ground
    Spreading music around.... more »

  • Belief

    We believe in inner strength,
    Determination, meditation,
    Intelligence, divine signs -
    Supreme Light -... more »