• A Star

    A star
    Which glistens
    In midnight shade... more »

  • And Love

    Streams in veins where love gushes through
    Heart pumps wildly burgundy hue
    A note out of place where an angel fell
    Romances course which cannot foretell... more »

  • Come Dance With Me

    A wing flutters and my heart is light
    Come the music, sensual, pure delight
    The evening warms with magnolia sweet
    Your arms open wide, my body to greet... more »

  • Doubts

    Doubt is an animal
    That nibbles inside
    Gnaws till the flesh
    Rips on the outside... more »

  • Dreams

    What happens to dreams
    When night has passed
    When the sun awakes
    And the world seems vast... more »

  • His Wish

    Resolute in his wish to be honourable
    He was determined to take on the war
    A young man, he enlisted and trained long hard years
    If called upon, felt he owed his country the fight... more »

  • Innocent Bairn

    Tears drive a path down a blackened face,
    welling from eyes that squint in morning mist
    and cry out for love from a mother never there
    and a father ignorant of him. Abandonment weighs... more »

  • R.I.P

    A green flatland with marble parchments
    Bouquets laid to rest at the side of the dead
    Bones that have long since dried to dust
    All those tears that have been shed.... more »

  • Sand In My Toes

    I step lightly
    upon the rim of the crescent shaped shoreline,
    counting each grain of sand
    as I go.... more »

  • She's Gone

    A whisper of daybreak glimpsed through the slats of white window shutters
    Cosily wrapped in her bed with dreams fading to a disquieting end
    She rolled over slowly, automatically anticipating the shock to befall.... more »

  • The Mask

    Time drinks my emotions
    Worn out
    And bare
    My head... more »

  • Watery

    To be a leaf
    On waters brink... more »

  • Winter Embrace

    The air is crisp
    And I am embraced
    By winter chills
    Which flood across the dales... more »