• *locked Heart*

    Quoreum might be a good one,
    but i think ill let him pass
    Quen, i think its you i want,
    I feel comfortable around you... more »

  • [you]being[you]

    Your lips so soft
    I can tell you're that
    angel that just fell out
    of the open sky.Why must... more »

  • Be(Your) Own && Let Me Be(Mine)

    wasnt put
    on this earth
    to look.act.or.... more »

  • Cinquain(2-4-6-8-2) The Sky

    The sky
    grows light and pink
    as the sun rises and
    warms the sleepy mountains with a... more »

  • Diamonte-Sun/Moon

    fiery, hot
    shining, smoldering, warming
    morning, daytime, evening, nighttime... more »

  • Freedom Speech

    Freeedom is indivisible: The chains on
    any of my people were the chains on all
    of them, the chains on all of my people
    were the chains on me.A man who... more »

  • Haiku-Hot Summer Day Fun

    ... more »

  • Help Me, Help You

    You think youre doing right but trust me youre not
    This lil love i have for you is something special that youve got
    Youre doing bad things and smoking weed
    a little love, effection, and attention is all you need... more »

  • Holiday Poem-Give Thanks

    Thanksgiving, think about this oustanding holiday
    give thanks in a very special way
    you should be thankful for everything you have
    dance, sing, be jolly, and laugh... more »

  • I Dont Care, Its Love I Want

    I dont care about the shoes you wear,
    I dont care about the way you wear your hair.
    I dont care about the way you dress,
    I dont care if you come up here looking a mess.... more »

  • If You Come Softly

    If you come softly,
    as the wind within the trees.
    You may hear what i hear,
    see what sorrow sees.... more »

  • Love Speech

    No one is born hating another person because
    of the color of their skin, or his background, or his
    religion.People must learn to hate, and if they can
    learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love... more »

  • My Everything

    I want you baby to be my love
    I want you to be the lucky to my charms
    I want you to be the peanut butter to my chocolate cup
    I want you to be my everything... more »

  • She Yells

    ... more »

  • So*dequanique*

    so unique is the definition.
    call it conceived or just confident.
    whatever you prefer.... more »

  • Truth Or Dare

    Truth or Dare
    I can spare
    my kiss to you
    I know what to do... more »

  • What Would The World Be Like

    Wouldnt it be such a boring world
    if all the people were all the same,
    just one color, one language, just one name!... more »

  • Yesterday/Today

    Yesterday, I walked
    Today, I run.
    Yesterday, I fell
    Today, I soar.... more »

  • Your{our}love

    Your love gives me a special feeling in my heart
    Your love makes me want us to never part
    I think our love right now is just a start
    I guess you were cupid and struck me with your love dart... more »