• After Treason

    Jesus, Karma exists
    I lament all the actions
    and thoughts.... more »

  • Amigo, Estoy Aqui.

    Te deseo felicidad
    cuando sea que estes triste
    cuenta conmigo
    sabre comprender... more »

  • As The Butterfly Imagines

    As the butterfly imagines
    the world is moving fast
    historical events are happening
    no one knows when they will last... more »

  • Believe

    No matter what happened
    the life is today
    you choose, you decide
    everything is on your mind... more »

  • Between You And Sports

    Skating is the lost dream
    that I once had
    the one that was never with you
    but always in my mind.... more »

  • Change

    Please listen
    I don't like changes
    I like my life
    why am I supposed to cry?... more »

  • Christmas' Spirit

    The spirit of giving
    without limits love,
    hope help us hold
    that baby Jesus was born... more »

  • Close To My Life, Ma.

    Close to my life
    that's how I want it ma
    because you are
    the most important person in my life.... more »

  • For The Cereal Of My Life

    Extremely sweet
    you've left honey in my senses
    you're my food, my energy,
    so good, so cute,... more »

  • Fureuse!

    Ou sont les amis
    j'ai pensé qu'ils sont ici
    ajourd'hui je veux
    les chercher dans mon coeur... more »

  • I'M A Teenager

    If I could stop dancing maybe I would be a great student
    It happens that I fly and dream about accomplished duties
    It is my style with my steps set on an appropiate time
    I can jump either fall but look up and see stars,... more »

  • Let Me Be

    Let me be
    the stars across the sky
    remember always
    to wish everynight.... more »

  • Listen To Yourself, Let It Out In A Happy Way

    When these legs don't want
    to walk is time for a shower
    to recover from the
    heaviness of the air.... more »

  • Maestro Del Arte

    Aprendí contigo
    a decir lo que sentía
    y a elegir palabras adecuadas
    para dar sentido a lo que decía.... more »

  • Mariposa De Colores

    Mariposa de colores
    a donde has de parar
    vas contra el viento
    no te dejes llevar... more »

  • Monday

    It's just another day
    But a monday today
    Yeah, a new beginning for us
    A new sunshine to rise... more »

  • My Dearest Friend

    Today dreams at night agitated
    The memories I have
    My whole body trembled
    Little drops flowed and crushed my heart.... more »

  • Nature Of Women

    Full moon and stars
    accomplish my desires
    for I am woman
    who doesn't go back.... more »

  • No Soy Perfecta

    Como me encantaria mi vida
    poder complacer todos tus caprichos
    poder ser la mujer mas atractiva para ti... more »

  • Nothing Like The First Feeling

    Nothing like the first feeling
    everything new, everything intriguing
    the gestures you made, the whole effect
    it was a wonderful miracle, the day we met.... more »

  • Oh Lady!

    Oh Lady!
    come tonight
    I wish you
    Yes, we shall dance... more »

  • Perfect Boy

    If there is something
    that I would like to have
    is to have a model like you.... more »

  • Play

    Play, play for the gentleman
    and ladies on the festival

    Play for those that are sick... more »

  • Present

    There's not much here
    to present
    however it is
    a present... more »

  • Read Me

    What's the point of reading
    lots of books if you're
    not reading what's specially
    written for you.... more »