• I Have Loved You

    It’s only with you that I can cry my heart out
    Just by looking into your eyes that I know I am loved
    Only by hearing your voice calling my name that I know it is real
    With you holding my hand that I can have a dreamless night... more »

  • I Wish

    I wish I have never known you
    So, I won't be dissappointed when you ignored me
    I wish I never met you
    So, I will never experience the torture of trying... more »

  • Loving You

    Day after day
    Month after month
    Still I can't get over you
    Still I can't forget those memories... more »

  • The Angel

    There were times when I think of you
    That it feels like heaven
    Never did I knew to get to you
    I had to go through hell... more »

  • The Memories

    Does loving somebody always have to be this
    Each and everytime I let my heart go
    It always comes back wounded... more »