• Alone

    Frenzied earth, alive,
    teeming with humanity.
    Why am I alone?... more »

  • December Warmth

    No snowflakes and ice
    Only cool and starry nights
    As poinsettias bloom... more »

  • Dream Sweetly, Love

    Dream sweetly, love, for I am near
    Forget your loneliness and fear
    Let slumber heal your wounded soul,
    Restore your strength and make you whole... more »

  • Earth

    Azure skies, blue seas
    Life teeming, colors blooming
    And man destroying... more »

  • For Michael Jackson - Foreverland

    Farewell, Earth’s beloved son
    Neverland’s lost boy, now found
    Rest in your Creator’s arms
    Where love, peace, and joy abound... more »

  • For Michael Jackson - Moonwalker

    ... more »

  • In Love

    Palpitating heart
    Ablaze with passion rising
    I burn on love’s pyre... more »

  • In My Dreams

    I’ll see you in my dreams tonight
    And in my dreams I’ll hold you tight
    Then all the miseries of life
    Will vanish on this starlit night... more »

  • My Cat

    Sapphire eyes, sparkling
    White coat, radiant in the sun
    Soft paws hide sharp claws... more »

  • My Dog

    Agate eyes, flashing
    Who can tame your wild spirit
    None have succeeded... more »

  • November Days

    Nippy, misty dawns
    Serene, surreal landscapes
    Mysterious beauty... more »

  • November's Child

    Born in mist and rain
    Ablaze with autumn passion
    Life’s celebrator!... more »

  • Seasons Of Your Heart

    Love truly, give fully
    Though grief may come repeatedly
    Embrace the seasons of your heart
    And live life - totally... more »

  • Thank You

    Kind words have power
    I am encouraged, inspired
    My heart overflows... more »

  • The Moon

    The moon sheds its ray
    On silent pools reflecting
    Shades of misty gray... more »

  • The Phoenix

    From smoldering embers and ashes
    A phoenix, immortal, takes flight
    A vision of gold and bright crimson
    Dispelling darkness with light... more »

  • The Sun

    Golden orb, sky’s gem
    Life-giving warmth to green earth
    I await each dawn... more »