Love is hope...
Without it,
life is nothing more than an illusion...

Mariana Eftimie Kabbout

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Mariana Eftimie Kabbout Poems

I'Ll Always Love You...

I would like to be the wave of your happiness
And I’ll cover your body with mine...
I’ll take your soul in my world for a second
By drowning your tears in my glass with red wine...... more »

God Protect You, Mother....

Can you tell me mother, why the time’s passing?
Where are all the stories from my childhood?
There’s no answer ... just the leaves are rustling
When I get lost on a road between bad and good... more »

A Letter For My Sister

You’ve left this life at only 17 years... God will offer you peace and a place in heaven,
my dear sister...... more »

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