• A Letter For My Sister

    You’ve left this life at only 17 years... God will offer you peace and a place in heaven,
    my dear sister...... more »

  • Don'T Let Me Cry!

    Give me your eyes because I want to cry
    And if you really love me, forgive my tears...
    My gleaming look will be the sun of your sky
    Even that I’ve lost my smile in all these years...... more »

  • God Protect You, Mother....

    Can you tell me mother, why the time’s passing?
    Where are all the stories from my childhood?
    There’s no answer ... just the leaves are rustling
    When I get lost on a road between bad and good... more »

  • Honey Or Poison?

    Your words... only a poison with the taste of honey.
    My soul... the thing you’ll never buy with diamonds, gold or money.
    Your selfishness has killed so fast my naive love for you
    By shaking suddenly my heart and cutting it in two...... more »

  • How To Forget You?

    How to forget you, the light of my eyes?
    You were my sun which never set but ever rise...
    How to forget your promise, tell me how?
    You were the one you’ve broken our vow... more »

  • I Don'T Need You!

    I’ve met the love someday before
    After a long and awful grace...
    I’ve said to it: hey, hurry you,
    We have to talk now, face to face!... more »

  • I Wish...

    I wish to have an icy heart for never love again,
    Two eyes which never know to cry and never feel the pain...
    My mind to not remember when and for what I was born,
    A closed soul which never felt what’s means a real storm.... more »

  • I'Ll Always Love You...

    I would like to be the wave of your happiness
    And I’ll cover your body with mine...
    I’ll take your soul in my world for a second
    By drowning your tears in my glass with red wine...... more »

  • My Heart Is Not For Sale!

    I was the half of a silent autumn
    When it rained with flowers...
    Becoming the echo of the fatigued shadow
    Killed by seconds and hours...... more »

  • Only You

    I don’t know where I’ve found your touch
    I don’t know when I’ve understood you miss me much
    But I’ve gave all my life which was unfair
    And if I’ll lose tomorrow, I don’t care …... more »

  • Questions...

    I step on the thread of life
    as a lonely dancer
    Asking the fate why
    but it has no answer...... more »

  • The Foam Of A Wave...

    I’m the foam of the wave
    Which floods the edge of a shackled soul
    Protecting dreams by storms which rave
    By letting them to never fall... more »

  • The Shadow Of My Soul

    I found myself in the middle of a perfect sphere
    Drawing a shadow with a troubled look and grizzled hair.
    It started to climb towards the top of a golden pyramid
    There’s the place where my dreams are hanging by a frail thread.... more »