• Nineteen

    Space dimmed by washed out light,
    A glow from the box shines on her face,
    Only nineteen and hesitant frowns pierce her eyes,... more »

  • Not Complete ;) (Early Morning)

    Oh! Gentle day
    Has awoken me,
    Oh! Effortless morning has engaged me into its arms,
    The drapes drawn,... more »

  • Observation Of A Girl

    Alone again on winters eve,
    A girl sits revising her past,
    Past memories playing back like flash cards,
    Images that show a different life to this... more »

  • Work

    Rustle, tear, rip and bite,
    The office sounds taken over by the sound of a zoo at feeding time,
    People stretching and reaching for the fridge,
    Habit causes this 12.45 activity,... more »