• A Child

    A child unknow to the perils of life,
    with dreams of success and glory.
    A high flyer,
    An extrovert,... more »

  • Blueprint

    My attempt at an escape route, trying to hide from reality.
    The words that escape, but land nowhere near where they should.

    I want to lay out every aspect of my life, flat like a piece of paper.... more »

  • Break The Chain

    The desire to break the chain,
    the chain of worry, pain and uncertainty.
    I want a life of peace,
    where i can wake to enjoy everyday.... more »

  • Daddy, I Love You

    My Daddy,
    the man who helped make me me,
    the man who made every effort to be there for me.
    To watch me swim and watch me sing,... more »

  • Expendable Love

    Infatuation comes oh so easy,
    causing one to feel disoriented,
    if the daily dose of devotion isn't delivered to ones needs.... more »

  • Hurt

    Can you open a door to the depths of your mind,
    Just so i can find the answers i seek.
    Answers that can help me try understand,
    how you can treat me this devilish way.... more »

  • I Miss You

    I Lay awake at night,
    Without you next to me,
    It feels like i've lost you,
    but you made a promise to me.... more »

  • I'Ll Never Learn

    They say we learn from our mistakes,
    but sadly in this case,
    it wasn't quite that way.
    I trusted you with my heart... more »

  • Moments Good And Bad

    Life is so short,
    I have come to learn.
    Treasure every moment,
    both good and bad.... more »

  • My Angel In The Dark

    I feel you
    As you watch over me,
    As you take care of me.
    Even though my head knows that your gone,... more »

  • Nettle

    I close my eyes,
    Start to think.
    Times of anger,
    Moments of joy.... more »

  • Relapse

    Its happening again,
    that time in life.
    Where it feels like no one cares,
    where nothing matters to you.... more »

  • Tell Away

    Sat here on a cold hard floor,
    Staring out of the window.
    All I see is darkness,
    Conveniently, the story of my life.... more »

  • Today's Feeling.

    A mirror image of everyday i live,
    where I wake up,
    misguided,... more »

  • Would You

    A fantasy world,

    I wish i lived in one,
    One where emotions are always clear.... more »

  • You'Re One Big Joke

    you said you wanted me,
    you said you needed me
    you told me you loved me
    but it was all a lie.... more »