• Bob Dylan

    Born to sing to write to share
    Open arms give courage no despair
    Beautiful lyrics he shares with us all... more »

  • Box

    Gazed out of the window and let the world pass me bye
    In this small box no sea no sky
    No singing birds no sound at all
    Nothing to see and nowhere to go... more »

  • Different Path

    The different paths we are on
    You have money and I have none
    You are a star
    Am just a writer... more »

  • Domestic

    You take I give
    You speak I listen
    You call I answer
    Your bad am good... more »

  • Fame

    He's a young man full of ambition
    Sex booze and drugs now he's in remission
    The cameras are just waiting
    To catch him when he's down... more »

  • Frank

    Evolution where did it begin
    On another planet in a different skin
    Drake had the equations put his career on the line
    To reline a satellite dish and point it to the sky... more »

  • House

    Silence is deafening
    When your all alone
    The house seems to speak
    With a moan and a groan... more »

  • Love

    Fallen in love
    Not a touch, taste, or smell
    Not a sound or a word
    Not a tingle or a spark... more »

  • Nature

    March 2011 spring is on the way
    The sea is Calm slight haze on the bay
    The sea is our life the fishing is good
    We depend on the ocean for our livelihood... more »

  • No One

    No one takes the time
    No one I call mine
    No one in my heart
    No one to depart... more »

  • Old

    75 he sits in the park
    He feeds the birds says hello to passers bye
    But no one stops to look him in the eye
    With ageing bones and a broken dialog, he'll... more »

  • Papers

    Papers, Billboards, Cinema Screen
    Headlines, Images, Magazines
    Pictures, Quotes, Caricatures and parts
    Welder, Allen, Clooney and Marx.... more »

  • Six Feet Under

    Six feet under
    No one even cares
    Six feet under
    No one knows you there... more »

  • Sky

    Silk black sky it's beauty we fear
    It's ever so close its drawing near
    Cloaking our body caressing our skin
    Hard to breath air so thin... more »

  • Spring

    Spring is in the air fall now in the past
    Pink and white blossom daisy's don the grass
    Reeds in the pond sound of water flow
    Ignites all the senses sun stunning glow... more »

  • Story

    You open your eyes
    Your story begins
    Welcome to the world your about to live in
    With so much love and constant attention... more »

  • Three Words

    The words jump off the page
    Eight simple letters
    Insecurity fears the most... more »