• A Gallop Of Fire

    When the north wind moans thro' the blind creek courses
    And revels with harsh, hot sand,
    I loose the horses, the wild red horses,
    I loose the horses, the mad, red horses,... more »

  • Ballad Of Autumn

    DOWN harvest headlands the fairy host
    Of the poppy banners have flashed and fled,
    The lilies have faded like ghost and ghost,
    The ripe rose rots in the garden bed.... more »

  • Evil

    NOT Beelzebub, but white archangel, I
    Turn the dim glass and shift the sands again,
    And touch the eyelids of the sons of men
    Lest they forget—forget and drowsy lie... more »

  • Hamilton

    WILD and wet, and windy wet falls the night on Hamilton,
    Hamilton that seaward looks unto the setting sun,
    Lady of the patient face, lifted everlastingly,
    Veiled and hushed and mystical as a cloistered nun.... more »