• (untitled)

    Like a thief in the night
    Vanishing like the ocean mist
    Swaying away my tears into the ocean currents
    The waters took a piece of me tonight we conquer... more »

  • A Compulsive Leg

    I sit in the back row of Mrs. Patterson's classroom
    I see heads turning
    Fingers Moving
    I wonder what my peers are thinking... more »

  • A Hole

    Trapped in side a hole, peaking through the small crack...
    I feel like my emotions are over spilling, spilling into an everlasting hollow hole..
    I sit here
    I wait... more »

  • A Voice

    I want to scream out the top of my lungs,
    Walking around
    I couldnt read their faces
    I couldnt speak their tounges... more »

  • Around The World It Goes

    Screaming voices all around
    Everyone deaf to the surrounding sounds

    The roads under construction... more »

  • Childhood Memories

    I could feel the warm sticky grass after a days play
    Smelling the citrus air; the same air that accompanied
    A nice breeze,
    The same breeze that kissed my face... more »

  • Exhalt

    As the blood drenched your body
    As your muscles began to weaken
    Your eyes closing... more »

  • Flowing Thoughts

    Closing your eyes as your mind starts to wonder off
    A warmth of creativity begins to form a home.
    Your head is starting to race, as a smile fills your face
    The everlasting mind of yours starts flowing... more »

  • Stereotypical Numbers

    Circle one!
    Down 2!
    Up three and four!
    Swing down and forth,... more »

  • The Famous Book

    I now stand cold and alone on the top shelf
    Awaiting for my re-open
    For I once was firm and useful
    I gave forever warmth.... more »

  • The Heaviest Thin

    Looking down, now covering your toes
    Looking through, never seeing the real you
    Going through you as if a thin piece of skin
    Flesh against a thin layer of insecurity... more »

  • Under Construction

    I see you,
    But I cant understand you
    I smell you
    But I cant figure out the scent... more »

  • Viewing Through A Window

    I look out the window and the snow is now meeting the ground for the first time
    seeing people walk across the white ground noticing their gestures as the snow kisses their face

    cars stopped to gather fuel for their hungry engines, while others slowed down to avoid the risky dangers this weather brings... more »