• 13 Colonies

    The 13 colonies were the beginning
    Of the beautiful country we know
    Folks gathered from other places
    To find a new place in which to go... more »

  • 20 Mule Team Borax Museum

    At Boron, California one year
    We stopped on vacation to see
    The 20 Mule Team Borax museum
    It was truly fascinating to me.... more »

  • 2007 Red Earth Parade

    You wouldn’t believe the regalia
    So bright with feathers and beads
    Adorning their beautiful dresses
    There were all the necessary needs... more »

  • 3 White Ducks

    Three ducks pecked around
    In a garden one warm day
    They wore beautiful coats
    Of white feathers to display... more »

  • 4th Of July Activities

    The 4th of July Activities
    Are something we all enjoy
    It’s the one day that’s set aside
    For every adult, girl and boy... more »

  • 4th Of July Celebration

    It is an honorable time of year
    When freedom is celebrated
    Lots of family and lots of food
    With fireworks so calculated.... more »

  • 4th Of July Fireworks

    It’s that time of year again
    We’re nearing the 4th of July
    Nothing quite as pretty
    As sparks against the sky... more »

  • A Banana Tree From Mississippi

    I happen to live in the state of Washington
    But on the road we find lots of things
    Including plants of all sizes and colors
    It is such fun to see what nature brings.... more »

  • A Barrel Of Ruby Red Wine

    Did you ever see a barrel of wine
    With the ruby red liquid trickling down?
    Just the thought of the delicious taste
    Brings a smile instead of a frown... more »

  • A Bear Named Teddy Fuzz

    Once upon a time there was
    A little bear named Teddy Fuzz
    At night he’d hate to go to bed
    “I wonna’ play tonight, ” he said.... more »

  • A Beautiful Little Church

    A beautiful little church
    Its steeple standing tall
    Fluffy clouds of snowflakes
    Drifting down and that's not all... more »

  • A Bird Planted Sunflower

    I want to tell you a story, my friend
    About what my birds have done
    They twit about the bird feeders
    Oh, they are so much fun.... more »

  • A Bologna Sandwich?

    I love a hamburger that is cooked just right
    Sliced tomato, onion and a pickle too
    A sandwich of chicken or turkey is nice
    So many choices that we can pursue... more »

  • A Boy In Hope

    There is a place called Hope, Arkansas
    Where a little boy grew up
    No one ever dreamed that one day
    His name would be on a special cup... more »

  • A Buffalo Of Distinction

    He is a Buffalo of distinction
    As he lumbers on uneven ground
    He knows that he is special
    The handsomest beast around... more »

  • A Buffalo Sighting

    I saw a Buffalo one day
    An animal that is so immense
    I was walkin’ along the road
    And suddenly I grew extremely tense... more »

  • A Buffet To Remember

    It was a buffet to remember
    With a lovely Hawaiian theme
    Food so fresh and flavorful
    It was truly a food critic's dream... more »

  • A Cat Named Frank

    He is a beautiful kitty cat
    Frank is his name
    And around the barnyard
    He has risen to fame... more »

  • A Centennial Party

    The Centennial Historical Theater was here
    And what a grand time we all had
    The folks from Spanish Cove joined in
    And you know, their acting wasn’t too bad... more »

  • A Chat With The Lord

    Sometimes I kind of feel sad and bored
    So I decide to have a little chat with the Lord
    I tell Him just what has been bothering me
    I know He understands and He will see... more »

  • A Child In Red Dirt

    He was just a little kid
    In a kid’s kind of world
    Examining the places
    Where the red dirt swirled... more »

  • A Child’s Mind

    The world is wide with wonder
    For everything is new
    A child’s mind is like a sponge
    Or like a flower sipping morning dew... more »

  • A Child's Snowy World

    Oh what fun when it snows
    It's a little boy's delight
    To tromp around in snow knee deep
    His world so crystal and white... more »

  • A Classy Blend

    I would peer through the fences
    As I walked along the street
    It seemed shade trees kind of guarded
    So the folks I couldn’t meet... more »

  • A Climbing Tree

    When I was a little girl about six or so
    I loved to climb the trees
    I looked carefully at many of them
    To see if they were right for me.... more »