• As Time Goes By

    Do you ever notice, as time goes by
    The time seems to speed up quite a bit
    So many things that you want to do
    But in a day those things don't all fit?... more »

  • As We Celebrate Veterans Day

    Did you ever see anything more beautiful
    Than our flag on a breezy day?
    The freedom that goes with its flow
    Shows exactly what it means to say... more »

  • At The Close Of A Czech Day

    We have come to the end of a Czech filled day
    As we danced and ate and shopped and played
    Look at all we have seen and done
    Exhibits of everything under the sun... more »

  • Aunt Theo's Cactus

    I remember a huge bowl of them by her door
    The orange was as brilliant as fire
    I could sit and gaze at them forever
    For their amazing look I can never tire.... more »

  • Autumn

    Pumpkins in the pumpkin patch
    Their colors bright and bold
    Biting frost on everything
    As a transformation unfolds.... more »

  • Autumn Chickens

    I took a walk one autumn day
    The air so crisp and sweet
    The earthiness extraordinary
    Felt from my head down to my feet.... more »

  • Autumn Delights!

    I’m so thrilled about the changes
    That Mother Nature designs
    As summer fades away
    And new colors she always finds... more »

  • Autumn Dream

    We hear the rustle of drying leaves
    Their crunch beneath our feet
    The air is cool as the season changes
    And it smells so earthy and sweet... more »

  • Autumn Flavors

    When I look at the autumn colors
    I often associate them to spice
    The colors all seem to blend
    They are warm, rich and so nice.... more »

  • Autumn Flowers

    They look a little tired now
    Perhaps you too have seen
    They aren’t so bright and sparkly
    For the weather’s turning mean... more »

  • Autumn Gardens

    t seems one day the garden's fresh
    The next day leaves begin to turn
    Pick veggies quick before it's too late
    It's something I have learned... more »

  • Autumn Gold

    Autumn leaves that turn to gold
    Flowers that are bright and bold
    Tremble in the cooling wind
    Messages that autumn sends... more »

  • Autumn In The Country

    Autumn is simply beautiful
    Where the colors are bright and bold
    But when you are out in the country
    There are many nature stories to be told.... more »

  • Autumn Leaves

    We love our Spring and Summer too
    Enjoy them to the max
    Flowers bloom, wipe out the gloom
    Though weeds give us quite a task.... more »

  • Autumn Morning

    I took a walk this morning
    It’s kind of like in spring
    The weather starts to change now
    I love what autumn brings... more »

  • Autumn On The Farm

    The reason they have pumpkin patches
    Are so little kids who live in town
    Can see the colors, smells and love
    And hear all the wonderful country sounds.... more »

  • Autumn Once Again

    As the days grow slowly shorter
    And summer fades away
    I look forward to autumn
    Its cool and crispy days... more »

  • Autumn Soup

    I always start out with a kettle
    A good sized pan for me
    A cutting board and knife I need
    I chop very carefully... more »

  • Autumn Sunset

    I sat on my porch one evening
    There was a chill now in the air
    The birds were tweeting softly
    In the trees as they nested there.... more »

  • Autumn Surprise

    There were tiny little snowballs nestled
    Within the autumn leaves of red
    It is like the tree wasn't finished
    It had more to say instead.... more »

  • Autumn Time Is Here

    Autumn leaves are falling
    It’s quite a change for us
    Mother Nature is busy
    She’s making quite a fuss.... more »

  • Autumn Tree

    Hanging from an autumn tree
    by myself alone

    I climb aboard and I swing... more »

  • Autumn Visit

    Autumn has come to visit
    It doesn’t plan to stay
    But it’s refreshing and it’s fun
    It entices folks out to play... more »

  • Autumn Walk

    I took a walk this afternoon
    It’s kind of like in spring
    The weather starts to change now
    But we know what autumn brings... more »

  • Autumn With Cousin It

    Cousin It has turned the corner
    As autumn has come our way
    Large and beautiful leaves
    Are simply more than I can say.... more »