• Beauty Magnified

    During the spring and summer
    Beauty comes in so many ways
    Flowers are simply amazing
    I so enjoy those lovely days.... more »

  • Beauty Of The Buffalo

    Have you ever been up very close
    To an animal so extremely large
    That you feel quite insignificant
    You know you are not in charge?... more »

  • Beauty Of The Red River

    What a lovely time we had
    You would have enjoyed it too
    Traveling along the Red River
    So much to see and do... more »

  • Beauty Surrounds Us

    Oh such beauty surrounds us
    We find this each day and night
    When we think we’ve seen it all
    We see a new amazing sight... more »

  • Because Of You

    Because of you it happened
    I fell in love, you see
    Because of you I’m hurting now
    You fell out of love with me... more »

  • Bedtime Poems

    He took the words from a worn old book
    Oh how I loved the way they rhymed
    My daddy read the words so well
    They are truly precious memories of mine... more »

  • Before And After

    Can you remember when
    Electricity was not so prevalent?
    Some of us cannot imagine
    Because it was always evident... more »

  • Being A Mother

    It isn't just about giving birth to a baby
    That defines a mother completely
    A woman can simply walk away
    For whatever reason there may be.... more »

  • Being An Okie

    Those Oklahoma sunsets
    Folks sometimes take for granted
    There is no place are they prettier
    Anywhere on the planet... more »

  • Believe In Him

    I remember as a little girl
    My family went to church together
    Sunday school was first, of course
    Just me and my big brother... more »

  • Belle Notte Cora Bell

    She is one of the sweetest Cora Bells
    Her pink bells so pleasing to the eye
    Shocking with her darkest leaves
    Like teardrops from a happy cry.... more »

  • Beneath Its Tattered Roof

    While driving along a country road
    One day when I was all alone
    I saw an old barn in the middle of a field
    Looking rundown and so forlorn... more »

  • Benjamin’s Lightening Rods

    Lightening rods are quite amazing
    How they divert much of the energy
    In some parts of the counry
    Very important they would be... more »

  • Berry Smoothie

    Her given name is Berry Smoothie
    Her color just says it all
    I found her with many others
    She'll be short, yes not too tall.... more »

  • Bessie, Oklahoma

    Ah, those wanderin’ red dirt roads
    You never know where they will go
    As you travel ‘cross the country
    Finding little towns that you don’t know... more »

  • Big Jake’s Hanging Tree

    Back in the old West there was
    Need for a hanging tree
    For evil lurked across the land
    And it was a form of equality... more »

  • Bill Jaxon Art

    Don’t you love western paintings?
    That depict the way of life back then
    A lone cowboy astride his horse
    Long days on the range he would spend... more »

  • Bird Against The Sky

    He stood against the sky
    Looming on the rocks above me
    He looked almost like a statue
    Standing so still and majestically... more »

  • Birdhouse Painting

    It lived on the wall when I was a child
    It meant the world to me
    I tried to sketch it on paper
    For my aunt painted it, you see.... more »

  • Birthday Bash!

    We’ll have a birthday party
    To celebrate your age
    After all you’re doing great
    Even though you’re at this stage... more »

  • Birthday Poem

    I thought I'd write a birthday poem
    And yes, that poem's for me
    We do not need to count the years
    I'm still here; it's a blessing, you see.... more »

  • Black Bear

    He wasn’t someone you’d want to see
    While walking along a path
    For he may not like humans too much
    Might even take out on you his wrath... more »

  • Black Eyed Susan

    Her name is Black Eyed Susan
    Dark velvety her pedals are
    If she were in a contest
    Well, she truly would be a star.... more »

  • Black History Month

    As time goes on we always hope
    That advancement is being made
    So in the case of Black History
    We must never let progress fade... more »

  • Black Widow Barn Spider

    What better place to nestle in
    Than a unused worn out barn
    Left alone to spin a web
    She is tucked away from harm... more »