• Coreopsis

    She is a flower that is very lovely
    Brightens up any flower bed
    With her brilliant yellow coat
    With her smiling little heads.... more »

  • Corissa Ann

    “I don’t like beets, ”
    Said Corissa Ann
    “I don’t like carrots and
    I don’t like ham... more »

  • Corn Anyone?

    At any festival of flavors
    There are many so delicious
    But sweet corn is right on top
    Of the food-type of business... more »

  • Corn By Birds

    Now this I have not shown you before
    It is Birds who planted at nature's door
    Or baby windmill for that is true
    What do you think, is this for you?... more »

  • Corn Dog Anyone?

    They are crunchy on the outside
    And so succulent on the inside
    Deliciously juicy and flavorful
    Along with extraordinary rides... more »

  • Cosmos

    I now have a new plant in my garden
    It was my mom's favorite
    It blends in with the others
    And it fills in too quite a bit.... more »

  • Costumes Galore

    It’s nearly Halloween again
    Know what shall I be?
    I’ve picked our just the costume
    That seems so right for me... more »

  • Cotton Fields

    Growing up in the cotton field
    Families worked the well-used ground
    Tilling the soil and planting the seed
    So a cotton crop could abound... more »

  • Country Barns

    They are as country as country can be
    Been around for many years
    Their usefulness innumerable
    They quiet so many fears... more »

  • Country Churches

    Worshiping in Country Churches
    Are different it seems to me
    Folks so friendly toward one another
    In a small and warm community... more »

  • Country Cuisine

    Have you ever come across an eating place
    That serves outstanding cuisine?
    Well, at Fay, Oklahoma we found
    An eating place that could serve a Queen... more »

  • Country Drive

    Sometimes you just have to stop everything
    Get into your vehicle and take a ride
    Forget about your chores and duties
    For a little while just let them slide... more »

  • Country Line Barbeque

    The best Bar-b-q place I’ve been
    Is the Country line Barbeque
    Succulent and delicious
    The ribs are cooked just for you... more »

  • Country Living

    I know that city folks
    Seem happy with their lives
    They settle in all snuggly
    The husband kids and wife... more »

  • Country Magic

    Do you ever take a country drive
    Quiet and peaceful on a summer day
    Observing old homesteads
    Built the old-fashioned way?... more »

  • Country Mail Box

    Did you ever live in the country?
    It’s a different kind of life for sure
    It’s so relaxing and comfortable
    And the air’s so clean and pure... more »

  • Country Memories

    I look at pictures from long ago
    Of family, friends and such
    Mom and Dad doing their chores
    Memories that I love so much.... more »

  • Country Red Dirt Road

    Down that red dirt road
    Off to the side I see
    Cattle gracing in herds
    Staring sweetly at me... more »

  • Country Roads

    Many country roads I’ve traveled
    A lifetime of them to be exact
    No better place on earth to be
    And my friend, that’s just a fact... more »

  • Country Settings

    Don't you love a country setting?
    Perhaps a dilapidated barn
    If you're an artist, a poet or writer
    You can create an appealing yarn... more »

  • Country Stroll

    Do you ever go for a country stroll
    On a clear warm summer day?
    The simple life with barns and such
    And the smell of fresh cut hay... more »

  • Country Sunset

    There is nothing more beautiful
    Than a country sunset
    The colors in the open sky
    Are as lovely as they can get... more »

  • Country Tidbits

    Little country tidbits make life
    So much better, it’s true
    Getting together and talking
    Is important for me and you... more »

  • Country, Cows And Churches

    I'll bet one of God's favorite animals
    Is the warm and serene cow
    Such a part of the country life
    Just like the horse and the plow.... more »

  • Countryside

    Cruising through the country side
    Breathing country air
    Old barns have given up the ghost
    But you know, the charm's still there.... more »