• Countryside

    Cruising through the country side
    Breathing country air
    Old barns have given up the ghost
    But you know, the charm's still there.... more »

  • County Fair Etc.

    The county fair is back again, folks
    What fun it is to stroll around
    So many things there are to see
    Lots of fun and exciting sounds... more »

  • County Fair Excitement

    We went to the fair the other day
    Oh my, what a day we had
    Cowboys, cowgirls and horses
    Why, you'd think it was a fad... more »

  • County Fair Hats

    I went to the fair the other day
    Stopped at a stand with hats on display
    There were hats of every single shade
    Choosing was a decision I could not have made.... more »

  • Courthouse In Savannah, Georgia

    I want to share with you, my friends
    Up amongst the clouds and sky
    In Savannah, Georgia
    It brings to me a smile and a sigh.... more »

  • Cow Breath

    Did you ever get so close to a cow
    You could feel her warm breath on your face?
    She continues chewing her cud thoughtfully
    As you spend quality time in her space... more »

  • Cow Friends

    Have you ever had a friend
    Who just happened to be a cow?
    Out in the field of hay
    Along with a slow moving plow?... more »

  • Cow Talk

    It’s an easy going country life
    That is the life of a cow
    Day-dreaming lazily
    Out in the field with the plow... more »

  • Cowboy & Heritage Museum

    If you want to travel back in time
    Enjoy the tantalizing old west
    You can through western paintings
    They are the ones I love the best... more »

  • Cowboy Vs Bull!

    The cowboys are lined up
    The bulls are ready too
    To take the ride of their life
    And believe me they’ll entertain you... more »

  • Cowboys And Angels

    There were rough and tough cowboys
    That came to the town of Yukon
    Settled right into the middle of town
    As though it’s a place they belong... more »

  • Cowgirl

    I wanted to be a cowgirl so badly
    When I was just a little girl
    With a cowgirl suit of red with fringe
    I wanted to give that life a whirl... more »

  • Cows

    Have you ever watched the cows
    As they roamed around a field
    They chat with one another
    As friendships they seem to build... more »

  • Cows And Their Babies

    Cows with their babies
    So much fun they are to see
    Loving moms they are as well
    Out under the clouds and trees... more »

  • Cows Upon A Hill

    There is nothing I like better
    In the sunrise of the day
    To see cows on the hill
    It’s the perfect time to pray... more »

  • Coyle, Oklahoma

    Coyle is still a wonderful town
    It’s in Oklahoma, you know
    Long since reached its prime
    But a unique place in which to go... more »

  • Cracklin’ Rose

    There was a lady named Cracklin’ Rose
    Who always was on call
    She was sort of a ‘stand in’
    Neither too short or too tall... more »

  • Craters And Prime Rib

    When you travel across the country
    There are so many things to see
    And one amazing place we found
    Is a crater we viewed breathlessly... more »

  • Creatures On The Lawn

    It started as a very peasant trip
    Delicious food, wonderful sites
    But at the end of the day we needed
    A place in which to spend the night... more »

  • Crimson Curls


    Crimson Curls is quite lovely
    She blends in very well... more »

  • Crispiness Of Autumn

    I love the
    Crispiness of Autumn
    Freshness in the air
    Leaves skitter down... more »

  • Cross Of Our Lord Jesus

    It’s a cross you can see for twenty miles
    Nineteen stories into God’s sky
    The heart and soul of Jesus you feel
    You never question, for you know why... more »

  • Cross Over The Bridge

    Are you ready for a change, my friend?
    You feel you're teetering on a ridge?
    Then do yourself a favor and
    Why not cross over the bridge?... more »

  • Crunchy Leaves Beneath My Feet

    Crunchy leaves beneath my feet
    Tumbling to the path
    Storms blow through as autumn comes
    A taste of nature's wrath... more »

  • Crusin’ Mode

    I love to take a country drive
    Just sorta moseying along
    I always click on the radio
    Listen to old country songs... more »