• Don’t Wanna Live Forever

    I don’t wanna live forever
    Even if I could
    I eat chocolate every day
    As any chocolate lover would... more »

  • Don’t Worry Now!

    We spend so much time worrying
    About a lot of negative things
    After all we’re very uncertain about
    What life is going to bring... more »

  • Down Home Country-Style Vittles

    Take a deep breath, folks
    You can smell it in the air
    It’s that country-Style Vittles
    That everyone’s waiting to share... more »

  • Down In The Muck

    Come on sweetie
    Let’s take a ride
    This Saturday afternoon
    Where mud-dobbers slide... more »

  • Down On The Farm

    Down on the farm near the windmill
    A storm is brewing, the sky is not still

    Mother Nature has a show for us... more »

  • Down To The River

    I'm going to grab my fishing pole and go
    Down to the river to watch the water flow.

    It always gives me peace and solitude... more »

  • Dr. John Carmichael

    I wish you could meet this man
    Dr. John Carmichael is his name
    He is such a tender hearted guy
    And he always is the same... more »

  • Driving Across Country

    As you drive across our country
    So many things you can see
    That set your heart racing
    Touching your feelings tenderly... more »

  • Duck Adventures

    I had some duck adventures
    With my friends the other day
    We took a little time from work
    It was important for us to play... more »

  • Ducks In The Sunset

    They stood beside the water
    Their little bodies' dark this night
    A backdropp of brilliant sunset
    It was a glorious precious sight... more »

  • Dust Bowl Memories

    It was caused because of severe drought
    In certain areas of the United States
    Houses were in jeopardy of course
    And through years they met their fate... more »

  • Dust Devil Show

    Did you ever see a Dust Devil?
    They swirl and twirl and snatch
    Anything that gets in their way
    A dangerous situation they hatch... more »

  • Dutch Windmills

    I think windmills are fascinating
    They date back for centuries
    The Dutch, you know, used them
    There are postcards for you to see... more »

  • Each Day...

    Each day is so very fragile
    We think we know how it will go
    The good times make us smile
    For we truly enjoy them so... more »

  • Each Day’s A Challenge

    Each day is such a challenge
    For we don’t know what we’ll see
    As we rise up from our beds
    We cannot act complacently... more »

  • Each New Day

    When I woke up this morning
    And a sparkling new day was here
    I sighed with great relive
    It is a day I cannot spare... more »

  • Early Day Cowgirls

    You know, women had to be tough
    Way back in the old west
    But some of them, oh my
    They really put tough to the test... more »

  • Early Day Wheels

    The other day I saw
    The most amazing sight
    In a quaint museum where
    Wheels are perfect and right... more »

  • Early Morning Dawn

    I love my early morning risin'
    It is like a new beginning
    My slate so fresh and new
    Blank and non-committing... more »

  • Early Morning Pause

    Sitting on their horses
    Waiting for the sun to rise
    They’re young and so expecting
    Life is constantly a surprise... more »

  • Early Morning Peace

    As I woke up early one morning
    Before the sun came up
    I made myself a pot of coffee
    And poured a hot steaming cup... more »

  • Earth Element’s Farm

    t’s all about what comes out of the earth
    Things we use every day without thought
    And the place to learn so much is at
    A farm where these lessons are taught... more »

  • Earth Elements

    Did you ever stop to think about
    Our earth and what it has within
    Things that sprout from the ground
    Flowers, vegetables and a juicy watermelon... more »

  • Earthy Ingredients

    We found a special shop
    Where the ingredients are pure
    You wouldn’t believe the things we found
    So fresh, so earthy and sure... more »

  • Easter At Spanish Cove

    As always when a holiday is here
    Food miraculously arrives
    For Spanish Cove they have
    Cooks where perfection thrives... more »