• Faith

    As we go about our busy day
    Sometimes we seem to forget
    About taking care of ourselves
    And later on we have regrets... more »

  • Fall Colors

    A special season's here again
    One I love so much
    For colors are their most brilliant
    Like the strokes of an artist's brush... more »

  • Fall Decorations

    Once fall appears I always
    Drag out my decorations
    So many fun-filled items
    Oh, I love the unique creations... more »

  • Families

    I think families are softly woven
    Just like a piece of fine linen
    Such tight and delicate threads
    Many fragile stitches are hidden... more »

  • Family

    As the years go rolling past you
    Starting as a little child
    Worries are at a minimum
    But memories are carefully filed.... more »

  • Family Albums

    It’s so fun to look through albums
    Of family, friends and such
    Most are not around now
    But some still keep in touch... more »

  • Family Memories

    Worn and a little weary
    He sat on his narrow bed
    It was so very long ago now
    Many things were never said... more »

  • Family Photos

    I love my family photos
    Such a simple treasure to me
    So many wonderful people
    That are part of my history... more »

  • Family Pictures

    Don't you just love old family pictures?
    Dug out from dusty box or chest
    I don't think there is anything else
    That can compare - they're the absolute best... more »

  • Family Reunion Time

    t’s family reunion time again
    Why, I have one in a few days
    It’s fun to see everyone together
    As adults visit and the children play... more »

  • Family Roots

    What a joy it is to travel
    And find the roots of your family
    You meet such wonderful people
    Beautiful places you’ll get to see... more »

  • Family Stories

    Isn’t it fun to look at old pictures?
    It’s a way for us to remember
    If we didn’t have any photos
    Memories would just be embers... more »

  • Family Time

    Don’t you treasure your family time?
    It sort of puts your heart to rest
    Devoted, loved and respected
    A close family is always the best... more »

  • Famous Pipe Organ

    It was amazing in design
    Created for the perfect sound
    It was one of the most famous
    Pipe organs around... more »

  • Fancy Dancing

    Dancing is good for the soul they say
    And I really believe that it’s true
    When you have a pile of worries
    Dancing will help to get you through... more »

  • Far From The City

    I travel those open country roads
    As far from the city as I can go
    Fields forever stretch out wide
    And I try to take life mighty slow... more »

  • Farm Angels

    You should have seen them
    Angels from down on the farm
    Dressed up in their costumes
    Simply oozing with their charm... more »

  • Farm For Sale

    I’ve always wanted to buy a charming farm
    How exciting my life would be
    I would have every kind of animal
    A menagerie of critters for me... more »

  • Farm Gate

    It is often a simple farm gate
    But once you go inside
    You see a world all its own
    A place you’d love to reside... more »

  • Farming Life

    The life of farming is different
    Than anything else you will see
    For you work out with nature
    So perfect it is for me... more »

  • Farming Technology

    Farming has been around
    Ever since time began
    The technique has been remarkable
    Different methods to work the land... more »

  • Father Flannigan’s Boy’s Town

    Omaha, Nebraska is such a special city
    For Boy’s Town was founded there
    A ‘City of Little Men’ created by
    A man who had compassion to share... more »

  • Father’s Day

    Father’s Day is here again
    And it sure does take me back
    I think about Dad and remember
    So many special facts... more »

  • Father's Day Trip

    It was a special Father’s Day trip
    Climbed in a bus that was brand new
    Sniffed in a fresh leather smell
    I think you would have noticed it too... more »

  • Federal Eagle Quilt

    It is considered the finest quilt
    West of the Mississippi it was stated
    Along in the nineteen twenties
    The Federal Eagle quilt was created... more »