• A Fractured Soul

    Did you ever get so weary
    That you think you can’t go on?
    You reach inside yourself
    To find a part that may be strong?... more »

  • A Fresh New Beginning

    There is nothing more beautiful
    Than the sky at daybreak
    The brilliant swirls of color
    That nature can create... more »

  • A Fresh New Chance

    The sky was oh, so beautiful that
    I wish you could have watched with me
    Brilliant and breathtaking colors
    Exciting for the whole world to see... more »

  • A Fresh Peach

    There is nothing in the world
    That is as juicy or as sweet
    As a freshly picked peach
    Oh, what a luscious treat... more »

  • A Frosty Silence

    Near silence was felt all around
    The sky was a pale cold gray
    The ground was frosty white
    As though it were here to stay... more »

  • A Frozen Yukon

    A storm slammed into Yukon
    So many were not ready
    A frozen world came suddenly
    Solid, cold and steady... more »

  • A Good Horse Laugh

    It looked like an abandoned house
    No windows or any doors
    Just gapping holes instead
    And worn wooden floors... more »

  • A Halloween Party

    I’m all dressed up in my jammies
    I’m trotting right along
    Gonna have a party
    Nothing I do will be wrong... more »

  • A Hero Gathering

    It is a gathering that we devote
    To heroes at home and everywhere
    It is a way we can express
    To let them know we are aware.... more »

  • A Holiday On The Town

    We went on just the coolest jaunt
    Around the town, you know
    We found some terrific places
    I thought you might like to know... more »

  • A Horse Named Darling

    Hi, my name is Darling
    At least it is, I think
    They always call me Darling
    When they feed or pour a drink... more »

  • A Horse Stood At The Pulpit

    What if an old horse stood at the pulpit?
    Oh, I can see him standing there
    His warm eyes are filled with wisdom
    And we know he really cares... more »

  • A Horse With No Name

    He was a horse with no name
    But he sure did have style
    Strong and handsome he was
    I visited him once in awhile... more »

  • A Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride

    Oh what fun it is to see
    A carriage drawn by a horse
    Even after all these years
    You can find them still, of course... more »

  • A Joyful Country Life

    I just love the Yucca plant
    With their pale yellow blooms
    But they are a little spiky
    And need some extra room... more »

  • A Laser Treat

    It was truly beautiful, I’ll tell you
    An orange line from heaven to earth
    It was like a brand new planet
    Had just plain given birth... more »

  • A Late Blooming Snowball


    I was sitting upon my patio one day
    Warm but getting closer to fall... more »

  • A Little Country Town

    It is a tiny little town in Oklahoma
    Canute is the Indian name
    Built out in the red dirt
    Where lottery brought it to fame... more »

  • A Little Cowboy Church

    The life of a cowboy was a lonely one
    As he herded his cattle from morning till night
    Tired and weary both physical and mentally
    The dust and grim was a typical sight... more »

  • A Little Touch Of Spring

    I walked along a path today
    The morning sun was bright
    And as I walked I noticed
    A most delightful sight... more »

  • A Lonely Horse

    I'm out in the field
    Roaming the vast prairie
    Waiting for somebody
    To come and visit me... more »

  • A Lonely Little House

    A lonely little house
    Built many years ago
    Is deteriorating now
    I thought you’d like to know... more »

  • A Lonely One Room School

    It is now old and in need of paint
    Sits alone in a field of grass
    Poor little lonely one room school
    So long ago since it’s had class... more »

  • A Lost Love

    When you lose someone you love
    And you feel alone and lost
    Your heart is hurting so
    It’s a terrible kind of cost... more »

  • A Lost Mind

    His mind slowly gave way
    It left in little spurts
    To see him this way now
    Oh Lord how much it hurts... more »