• George Jones's 75th Birthday

    While checking into our campground in Nashville
    They asked if we would be interested in going to
    George Jones's 75th birthday party
    Well, my friend, we said yes, now wouldn't you?... more »

  • Georgia Peach

    She came all the way from Georgia
    My dear, that's exactly what she said
    She traveled on the railway
    So luxurious she even had a bed.... more »

  • Get Kicks On Route 66

    If you’ve ever taken the drive
    Along this famous road at all
    You’ll know what I’m talking about
    Whether spring, summer, winter or fall... more »

  • Get Ready For Summer

    You know, I can hardly wait
    Till the flowers adorn the land
    Colorful fragrant blossoms
    Will rise up and take a stand... more »

  • Getting Old

    Getting old has its disadvantages
    Of course we know that’s true
    But also, looking at it close
    There are good things too for you... more »

  • Ghost Riders

    We followed the ghost riders
    Right down the avenue
    It was frightening to see them
    And I think it would frighten you... more »

  • Ghost Towns

    Did you ever stumble on a ghost town?
    They are so interesting to see
    I can almost hear the spirits
    Talking ever so softly to me... more »

  • Ghosts At Ft. Reno

    How do you feel about ghosts?
    Do you believe that they exist?
    I’m afraid, my friend that I do
    It is possible I have to insist... more »

  • Giant Grain Elevators

    Enormous in structure
    Protrudes high into the air
    A purpose, a duty
    That grain farmers share... more »

  • Gifts From God

    A worn and tired church I saw
    Love and prayers had been within
    The beauty was so apparent
    It seemed like life could have no sin... more »

  • Ginger Ale Cora Bell

    Ginger Ale is heart stopping
    You would know her anywhere
    The first time that I saw her
    Why, I simply had to stare.... more »

  • Gladiola

    It is magnificent in stature
    So tall so strong so sweet
    I loved her so very much
    I hoped one day we'd meet.... more »

  • Glass Mountain Dream

    There’s a location you’d love to travel
    The Glass Mountain is the place
    You will never find a spot more beautiful
    One that nature has created and embraced... more »

  • Gloriosa Daisy

    I want to share a truly lovely flower
    That always makes me smile
    So bright, so different every year
    In a vase they last quite a while.... more »

  • Glorious Autumn

    Autumn is my favorite time
    As leaves turn to red and gold
    Chill upon our world again
    We watch the season now unfold... more »

  • Glorious Spring Blossoms

    I drove to town this sunny morning
    And right before my eyes
    I saw that spring was here
    It was a glorious surprise... more »

  • Glorious Spring Flowers!

    After the winter chill is gone
    The spring flowers open up
    The pink and white fruit blossoms
    And lovely golden buttercup... more »

  • Gloss Mountains

    It is unique and captivating
    This mountain is so exciting
    It’s a beautiful scenic drive
    You will find it incredibly inviting... more »

  • Gnarled Trees And Wagon Wheels

    I saw an old homestead
    Not so long ago
    The house was worn and weary
    It had lost its luster and its glow... more »

  • God And Me

    Do you ever feel so cold inside
    When you want to feel some warmth?
    Do you crave a little sunshine
    Instead of this raging storm?... more »

  • God Bless The Usa

    Do you ever stop to reflect about
    Our country and what it means?
    We think about each day that comes
    Worrying about the smallest things... more »

  • God Challenges Us

    Each day is full of challenges
    God chooses them carefully
    He always wants the best for us
    He loves us, can't you see?... more »

  • God Created Autumn

    I think one day God was restless
    Something was amiss
    He loved His Spring and Summer
    They were gentle as a kiss.... more »

  • God Has A Reason

    We are in the midst of winter time
    Some folks have snow so high
    They cannot dig their car out
    They don't even want to try.... more »

  • God Has Smiled On Me

    I wake up in the mornings
    And realize I can see
    I know how lucky that I am
    ‘Cause God has smiled on me.... more »