• God’s Sunrise

    I love the early morning hours
    When silence sets the tone
    The world is still asleep it seems
    And I find myself alone... more »

  • God’s Sunset

    The golden globe of sun drops down
    It’s the ending of a day.
    It’s as lovely as a painting
    He designed them just that way.... more »

  • God’s Whisper

    You know, sometimes it’s difficult
    To continue the feeling of faith
    When devastating things happen
    It’s hard to smile with grace... more »

  • God's Amazing Seasons

    I wonder if there is a season that God
    Is more proud of than any other
    For each has its own special beauty
    But for sure they all inspire.... more »

  • God's Amazing Sunrise

    Nothing can be quite like
    Waking up at dawn
    Looking out the window
    Seeing colors bright and strong.... more »

  • God's Autumn

    I'll bet God looks down and smiles
    More so when we have autumn
    For He created all this beauty
    So it has to be special to Him.... more »

  • God's Beautiful Messages

    You never are alone, my friend
    For God is by your side
    He nestles constantly in your heart
    Wherever you might reside.... more »

  • God's Christmas

    I wonder what God is thinking
    As we make out our to do lists
    As we go from place to place
    The weather so cool and crisp.... more »

  • God's Cloud Designs


    Each day I am completely amazed
    As I look up at the sky... more »

  • God's Colorful Spring!

    I always know that God loves me
    I feel it in a million ways
    I see it in His rainbows
    On sunny and rainy days... more »

  • God's Ice Storm

    As ice grips my entire world
    The gentleness I feel
    Is unbelievable to me
    For peace and joy it does reveal... more »

  • God's Snow Storm

    The snow is covering the east coast now
    Folks are stopped right in their tracks
    Staying off the roads is a must
    The governor is trying to watch their backs.... more »

  • God's Special Surprises

    To me around the holidays
    Is when God had in mind
    To give us special surprises
    He hopes that we will find.... more »

  • God's Whispers

    Soon with spring we will hear
    The soft whispering sound
    Of gentle wind that blows though
    Pink and white trees all around.... more »

  • Golden Fall Maples

    Across our hay field I watch
    As leaves turn to gold
    All through the huge Maple trees
    So brilliant, cheerful and bold... more »

  • Golden Wheat Fields

    Driving down that red dirt road
    I take a deep gulp of air
    Ah yes, I love those wheat fields
    Any worries will quickly repair... more »

  • Good Times

    Some of the best times of my life
    Are spent right close to home
    For you see, I don’t have to go far
    To find exciting places to roam... more »

  • Good-Bye Cousin, Yvonne

    We lost another family member
    She was a sweet, lovely lady
    I've known her for many years now
    What a special friend she was to me.... more »

  • Goodbye James

    The bagpipes were playing for James
    It was our way of saying goodbye
    Family and friends were gathered
    And many folks needed to cry... more »

  • Good-Bye Joan, We'Ll Miss You

    A Child when she got married
    Oh, so long ago
    A little girl then she carried
    She watched her family grow.... more »

  • Goodbye Summer!

    Yes, it’s time to say goodbye now
    We’ll miss her so very much
    She gave us many smiles
    With her fragrant brilliant touch... more »

  • Good-Bye Theo

    I said good-bye and kissed her
    My face pressed against her cheek
    Her breath now seemed labored
    Her sleep had become so deep.... more »

  • Goodnight Irene

    My mother’s name was Irene
    And I miss her every day
    She loved the precious flowers
    And new mown grass and hay... more »

  • Gourd Blossom


    Some things can be passed over
    So you have to be aware... more »

  • Governor’s Mansion

    The doors were open for us again
    At Oklahoma’s governor’s mansion
    Built with plenty of wonderful rooms
    With such a beautiful expansion... more »