• Happy Father’s Day

    Father’s day’s so very special
    A time to honor all the dads
    Perhaps a little present
    A delicious meal or two ain’t bad... more »

  • Happy Tractor

    Have you ever seen a happy tractor?
    Oh I have, so many times
    Out in the elements they seem content
    With the dust and dirt and grime... more »

  • Happy Valentine’s Day!

    To all my little buddies
    From across the Internet
    I hope you have a Valentine’s
    Day you can’t forget... more »

  • Hard Times Then And Now

    We take so much for granted
    When we take the time to look back
    Life was hard for so many
    Their work was never slack... more »

  • Harn Homestead

    The beautiful Harn Homestead
    Is still very well maintained
    Love surrounds this place
    And that has always brought it fame... more »

  • Harvest Time

    Harvest time in my autumn garden
    I love the colorful blends.

    Fresh veggies and fruit to share too... more »

  • Have Breakfast With Me!

    Oh, please have breakfast this morning with me
    I baked some bread and cookies as you see

    Fresh orange juice sweet as you please... more »

  • Haying Time

    Hay rolled into tight round bales
    Would weigh a lot upon the scales

    Tucked away for a winter feast... more »

  • He Came From Out Of Nowhere

    He came from out of nowhere
    My friend, I kid you not

    It's a wonder that a heart attack... more »

  • He Has Escaped!

    Oh no, he has completely escaped
    His home is deserted it's true
    Where could he have gone?
    A chase will have to ensue.... more »

  • He Was One Of A Kind

    I never met another person
    With a personality the same
    A smile is on my face
    Every time I hear his name.... more »

  • He Was Walkin’ Down The Street...

    I saw him walkin’ down the street one day
    He had a smile and twinkle in his eye
    And where he was going I cannot say
    But he was handsome and sexy... oh my... more »

  • He Will Always Care

    I came across an amazing church
    On a beautiful sunny day
    I had been driving for some time
    When I pulled into a worn driveway... more »

  • He Will Always Love Us

    It would be so very difficult
    To face life on our own
    For life is so challenging
    We are not made of stone.... more »

  • He’ll Light Your Candle

    My heart felt dull, without spark
    Life was more than I could handle
    Until one day I realized
    That the Lord could light my candle... more »

  • He’s Makin’ Me A Greenhouse

    He’s makin’ me a greenhouse
    Oh Lord I wanted one
    To grow some tiny little plants
    Under the blazing sun... more »

  • Heavenly Love

    You say a little prayer to God
    Or a message if you wish
    You feel an Angel wing
    Or perhaps a gentle kiss.... more »

  • Hee Haw Fun

    We were all transformed to a different place
    With straw hats and some guitars
    Banjo's at the ready too
    You'd think we had come from Mars... more »

  • Hee Haw!

    Such a fun and funny show it was
    Hee Haw was so unique
    Had the best of country singers
    In tattered clothes and shoeless feet... more »

  • Hello Spring

    Well, hello spring, there you are
    The calendar says it is so
    Unfortunately, for many people
    Sunny days do not flow.... more »

  • Hello There Everybody

    Well, hello there everybody
    So glad you came around
    To spend a little time with me
    I love that ‘people’ sound... more »

  • 'Hello, Lord”

    I came upon a worn country church
    Why, it was just the other day
    I could picture folks a hundred years ago
    How they bowed their heads and prayed... more »

  • Help Me God...

    Traveling down life’s daily road
    It’s apparent to me at times
    That I need to stop and ask myself
    What is the truth I want to find?... more »

  • Help Them God - For Flood Victims Of Pakistan

    Please God, make them a priority
    Find it deep within your heart
    For it seems their outlook is devastating
    You see, their world has been torn apart.... more »

  • Help Us God In Our Saddness

    During our lives we go through times
    That seems so hurtful and bad
    We know, of course, that life
    At times will make us feel sad.... more »