• Help!

    The day started out pretty normal I’d say
    As we all got together to spend a nice day
    Hats and coats on to take a little ride
    Away from the wonderful place we reside... more »

  • Henry The Pecan Tree

    He was truly just a sad little stick
    I told Randy, “Just let it go.”
    But he simply couldn’t do it
    He loved that Pecan stick so.... more »

  • Hens And Chicks Families

    I had to rearrange my hens and chicks
    The pot was way too full
    They had a population explosion
    My friends, they are never dull.... more »

  • Her Black Kettle

    She had a big black kettle
    Her folks gave her in 1948
    This 10 gallon kettle was one
    Her father had before that date... more »

  • Her Paintings

    She loved to paint and paint she did
    On anything she could find.
    She gave them out for presents
    And we surely didn't mind.... more »

  • Herman

    He died, but then I knew he would
    One night I wasn’t there
    I loved him very much, you know
    So sad it’s hard to bear... more »

  • Heroes And Friends

    What a wonderful life it is
    When heroes and friends meet
    Lots of stories from the past
    Lots of hugs when they greet... more »

  • Heroes Every One

    They come in every shape and size
    From across our cherished land
    They come in every age and color too
    And they always take a stand... more »

  • Hey God!

    I was bogged down with problems
    Alone was what I seemed to be
    But as I was feeling abandoned one day
    Suddenly a thought came right to me... more »

  • Hey Lady!

    Hey lady, won’t you visit?
    I’ve seen you once before
    I don’t think it was too long ago
    That you came to my stall door... more »

  • Hillbilly Place To Eat

    I know of just the place to go
    For a fine and delicious meal
    It’s quite the unique spot to eat
    It’s got that hillbilly feel... more »

  • His Bountiful Gifts

    The hum of summer bees
    On a rainbow of flowers
    Are one of my favorite
    Parts of summer... more »

  • His Bounty Abounds

    From the time I wake up
    To when I drop off to sleep
    When I look all around me
    In my memory I want to keep.... more »

  • His Hand In Mine

    I trudged my way across the land
    I tried so hard to take a stand
    Doing what the good book said
    Sometimes veering off the road instead.... more »

  • His Many Treasures

    Sometimes life moves too fast
    It races on ahead
    We need to take things slower
    Enjoy special moments instead.... more »

  • His Red Dirt Life

    So many red dirt roads he’s traveled
    Along his long red dirt life
    Children born and raised with
    His charming red dirt wife... more »

  • Historical Foss

    In the city of Foss, Oklahoma
    The Methodist church meant so much
    It’s where John married the sweetest girl
    A wedding with a loving touch... more »

  • Hitching Post

    Traveling out in the country
    Sunflowers nodding in the breeze
    Horses enjoying the sun as well
    Amongst the bright green trees... more »

  • Hoarfrost Magic

    There is nothing quite as beautiful
    As a frozen winter scene
    At times with proper moisture
    Hoarfrost crystals can be seen... more »

  • Hold On Tight!

    I don’t know if there is destiny
    Or even if there’s fate
    But whatever is in store for us
    We must cope with what’s on our plate... more »

  • Holiday Flying

    Don’t you love to travel?
    There is so much you can see
    I love to sit in the airport
    It’s really lots of fun for me... more »

  • Holiday Season

    I really do love this time of year
    We start the holiday season
    We decorate everywhere
    We definitely have a reason... more »

  • Holland’s Windmills

    f you enjoy the look of windmills
    Then you’ll really appreciate ones
    Beautiful strong windmills of course
    That Holland is truly so fond... more »

  • Hollywood


    Her given name is Hollywood
    Because of her classy style... more »

  • Home

    Have you ever looked at pictures
    Of homes built many years ago?
    I find them so very fascinating
    As I watch architecture grow... more »