• I Love The Rain

    They were waiting with anticipation
    Their little faces in the wind
    As clouds were building in the sky
    Such a magical kind of blend... more »

  • I Miss My Dad So Much

    This time of year I think about
    My dad and it hurts my heart
    I miss him so very much
    I hate that we had to part.... more »

  • I Miss You, Mom, On This Mother's Day

    It has been seventeen years now, Mom
    Since the day you said good-bye
    It was so hard to see you go
    All I wanted to do was cry.... more »

  • I Remember School

    I remember school like yesterday
    I picked out three dresses on sale
    Wore white sock and brown ‘oxfords’
    Got blisters first day without fail... more »

  • I Remember Springtime

    Oh, I remember springtime
    It was not so long ago
    Changes came so quickly
    I love that fresh new flow... more »

  • I Slipped Into The Past

    I slipped into the past again
    Dug out some pictures of old
    Faded so with age they are
    But so many stories they told... more »

  • I Thought It Was Spring!

    We have waited all the long winter
    Suffering through the cold
    By the time late winter’s here
    Shivering really is growing old... more »

  • I Tremble When I Look At You

    I tremble when I look at you
    You take my breath away
    You walk upon my present
    You pray upon my day... more »

  • I Walk The Line

    Always walking the line of yesterday
    Cruisin’ those red dirt roads
    Seeing old worn out barns where
    Precious animals were once in their folds... more »

  • I Wanna Be A Cowgirl

    I used to wanna be a cowgirl
    A hat plopped atop my head
    Wearing the dresses with fringes
    A gun on a stand by my bed... more »

  • I Want To Share My Flowers

    I want to share my flowers
    Especially with you
    I know that you'll enjoy them
    With all you have to do.... more »

  • I Woke Up This Morning

    When I woke up this morning
    I realized everything was fine
    I had no real worries
    No reason to frown or whine... more »

  • I’ll See You At Home

    There was a lady in my life for years
    Who was so very dear to me
    One day I had to say good-bye
    She was on her death bed, you see... more »

  • I’ll Take My Fat To The Grave!

    I was driving to town this morning
    It was cold for it is late fall
    And as I drove I notice a lady jogging
    She wasn’t short nor was she tall... more »

  • I’m Just Passing Through

    I care about you... really
    In my own and selfish way
    I don’t know how to tell you
    But I’ll now be on my way... more »

  • I’m Shivering!

    Oh, come on now, folks
    It’s mighty cold out here
    This icy weather seems to be
    Much more than I can bear... more »

  • I’m Sorry For Your Sorrow

    I know what sorrow is like, my friend
    For I’ve felt it through the years
    I’ve trudged along that highway
    And struggled through my fears... more »

  • I’m Sorry...

    I’m so sorry life has hurt you
    I would fix things if I could
    Sometimes folks don’t do the things
    That they really truly should... more »

  • Ice Memories

    Ice crystals on the window pane
    Clustered all around
    A see-through world is created
    In the winter I have found... more »

  • Ice Plant Dressed In Orange

    I bought some lovely plants
    One summer day
    Perfect for edging flower beds
    Or pots, I have to say.... more »

  • Ice Water

    The water was coated with ice
    As we drove over the 66 bridge
    Winter had truly made its mark
    As it gripped every single ridge... more »

  • Icescape

    The day was icy clear
    Like a crystal chandelier
    So solid frozen it was
    I felt a little fear... more »

  • Icy Fingers

    A cold front came by one night
    That morning the air had such a chill
    I stoked up the wood stove
    The wood box I’d have to fill... more »

  • Icy Homestead

    While driving through the icy land
    I came across an old homestead
    Stark empty was its insides
    Didn’t have a single table or bed... more »

  • Icy Pine

    Nestled amongst the needles
    Of a Pine tree one wintery day
    Was a collection of icy particles
    Like nature's example on display... more »