• James Russell Mccornack

    James Russell McCornack
    Was a wonderful and gentle man
    Family was so very important
    And his love for his Oklahoma land... more »

  • Japanese Art

    Isn’t it fun and informative?
    To study art work from over the world?
    Take for instance Japanese art
    Into another place you’ve been hurled... more »

  • Jenny Wren Chrysanthemum

    She waits until autumn each year
    To shine her brightest hue
    So perfect is this flower
    I'm sure you would like her too.... more »

  • John And Robert In El Reno

    John and Robert went to El Reno
    A day for brothers to share
    How fun it was to see the past
    You can’t find this just anywhere... more »

  • John Deere Again

    It’s coming once again, folks
    Time to decorate with green
    Tractors getting ready for the fair
    For they’re anxious to be seen... more »

  • John Deere Hay

    While traveling across the country
    I saw the most pleasant sights
    Fields of fresh baled hay
    Made everything seem so right... more »

  • John Howard Mccornack’s Table

    John Howard had wonderful memories
    Passed down and will continue to do so
    These stories are truly family keepsakes
    That helps history continue to flow... more »

  • John Mccornack’s Life

    Amish influence from his mother’s side
    Has given John a unique perspective
    He’s ridden in a horse and buggy
    Watching a lifestyle that is very selective... more »

  • John’s Caterpillars

    When you think about the places
    That the CAT machine been
    It startles the imagination
    The many hours that it spends... more »

  • John’s Office Barn Art

    You should see the delightful pictures
    Of barns adorning John’s office walls
    You can almost smell the horses
    And see them in their stalls... more »

  • John’s Red Dirt Roads

    I hold my camera carefully
    And guide it to my eye
    As I see those famous red dirt roads
    I’ve read about from that famous guy.... more »

  • John’s Special Places

    What a wonderful time it was
    To see John’s special places
    That I’ve written many poems for
    He has put me through my paces... more »

  • John's World

    Born to poor but loving parents
    He's become an amazing man
    He truly adores his Oklahoma
    And that brilliant red dirt land... more »

  • Joslyn Castle

    We visited the most beautiful castle
    Where you enter through a wrought iron fence
    A fence that weighs 1800 pounds
    The builder didn’t spare a single expense... more »

  • Joy Of Fishing

    Oh how I enjoyed so very much
    Fishing off a bridge
    Or perhaps ‘long side the road
    Or from up on a slight ridge... more »

  • Joyful Country Life

    I won't say that life in the country is perfect
    That isn't possible anywhere
    But when you put animals into the mix
    They show you how much they care.... more »

  • Joyful Flowers

    Are getting tired of winter?
    Are you feeling kind of cold?
    Well it won’t be long, my friend
    Before summer clothes are sold... more »

  • Joyous Spring Colors

    Spring always starts with a little yellow
    As dandelions pop out their heads
    Then we see daffodils’ smiling faces
    They don’t even need flower beds... more »

  • Just A Little Seed

    I started from a little seed
    A few short months ago
    The sun and rain upon me
    My momma watched me grow.... more »

  • Just Around The Corner

    Well folks, it’s once again that time
    The year has traveled to the end
    Just around the corner
    We wait for springtime to begin... more »

  • Just As I Am

    As the sun set in the night time
    And the day was finally through
    Before laying down his weary head
    He had one more thing to do... more »

  • Just Couldn’t

    You know, I just couldn’t imagine
    Life away from the country air
    I love the way it makes me feel
    Like I don’t have a single care... more »

  • Just For Mother

    As I look through old letters and cards
    Sent to my mother years ago
    They really bring back memories
    Because I love her so... more »

  • Just Horsin’ Around

    I love to take a little time
    On a summer afternoon
    The air so warm and inviting
    With that lazy kinda toon... more »

  • Just Like Yesterday

    Do you ever take some time, my friend
    To stop and remember the past?
    Just like a familiar old movie reel
    Memories that will forever last... more »