• Just Smile

    A smile is just the answer
    When you’re feeling sad
    It wakes up any muscle
    Your face has ever had... more »

  • Just Some Tiny Seeds

    Such fun it is to take a pot
    A small peat pot will do
    Add some potting soil
    Whatever kind works for you.... more »

  • Kawliga

    Poor Kawliga was made of wood
    In love with a girl across the way
    But he couldn’t do anything about it
    For at the door he had to stay... more »

  • Keep Our Faith

    God recognizes that I’m not perfect
    And he loves me just the same
    I make so many mistakes, you see
    But he doesn’t look on me with blame... more »

  • Keep Our Worries In A Box

    How would it be if we put our worries
    Into a box with lock and key
    Just keep it there as long as needed
    It would work perfectly, I think, for me.... more »

  • Kiss Them Now...

    Kiss now, those important to you
    And tell them while you can
    That you love them so very much
    Take time to hold out your hand... more »

  • Kissed By Fall Colors

    Wonderful fall colors
    Mingle in our midst
    I feel that it is the time
    When fall gives us a kiss... more »

  • Lake Buchanan

    There’s a place I’d like to share with you
    Where the Prickly Pear blooms yellow
    Waterfalls drape carelessly
    And life is so sweet and mellow... more »

  • Lake Lugert Drive

    It was a drive without exception
    Oh, so beautiful... so serene
    Hills surrounded by blue water
    Their brilliance a simple dream... more »

  • Lake Memories

    A treasure chest of memories I have
    As I sit by Lake Overholzer
    Go back many years now
    And are memories that endure... more »

  • Lake, Geese And Sunset

    Have you ever watched wild Geese
    In a lake as the sun goes down?
    The darkness creates ghostly shadows
    The colors are black and brown... more »

  • Land Of Lonesome

    Have you ever felt so lonesome
    You think you can’t go on?
    You feel so lost and empty
    Where you used to be so strong?... more »

  • Land Of Tomorrow

    As each day comes our way
    Opportunities open the doors
    We meet each new challenge
    As we go about daily chores... more »

  • Las Vegas Lifestyle

    So many things about Las Vegas
    That really draws the crowds
    Gambling and glamour and glitz
    Underneath puffy Nevada clouds... more »

  • Late Summer - Early Winter

    Don’t you love the red
    That come with autumn leaves?
    They turn such beautiful colors
    Before a wild windy breeze... more »

  • Latest Fashion Trend

    Innovative fashion
    Is what is in this shop
    The latest and the coolest
    On the list it’s right on top... more »

  • Lavender Azalea

    It is a spring time beauty
    Sitting ‘long side his friend
    The red Rhododendron
    Yes, it's an annual trend.... more »

  • Lavender Daisies

    My lavender Daisies finally opened
    And I snapped a picture for you to see
    I can pick them for a vase in the house
    For they seem a bit delicate to me.... more »

  • Lavender Farm Trip

    Our trip to the Lavender farm
    Was nothing if not astounding
    The Lavender plants were beautiful
    And also the flowers surrounding... more »

  • Lay The Past To Rest

    I have been going over my life lately
    I suppose it is my age
    I think about when I was a child
    I stop at every stage.... more »

  • Layers Of Nature

    My friend, it was just this morning
    As I said "hi" to the day
    I saw a beautiful sky
    It wouldn't stay that way.... more »

  • Lbj Ranch

    He was our 36th president
    For just a little while
    And he had a cowboy look
    It was his rancher's kind of style... more »

  • Learning

    There’s nothing like learning
    To make us feel very proud
    There’s been places in the world
    Where books were not allowed... more »

  • Learning To Type

    Did you ever take a typing class?
    Well it takes a little time
    You start out learning home keys
    You even learn to rhyme... more »

  • Leaves In The Rain

    The rain has come, we knew it would
    The golden leaves are coming down
    The wind and rain is now sending
    All those leaves onto the ground.... more »