• Marley Burger Our Hero

    Marley Burger is a special man
    Who planned to be a civil engineer
    But in ’41 his life made a change
    With a different kind of career... more »

  • Mars

    Mars is like it came from another planet
    So lovely with it's bright pink bells
    The leaves are unlike any other
    Even at a glance, you can truly tell.... more »

  • Mary Does Ou

    Yes, Mary does OU
    We always knew she would
    An intelligent girl like her
    Well, it was forever understood... more »

  • Mccornack Country

    They went on a trip to McCornack country
    Enjoying a visit to the ancestral farm
    The beauty was simply overwhelming
    It had an overabundance of charm... more »

  • Mccornack Family Memories

    This time of year always brings
    Many remembrances back to me
    My family gathered closely
    Singing carols by the tree... more »

  • Mccornack’s Rules

    This man is very specific
    In the way he conducts his days
    He believes in being kind and generous
    Along with honest and caring ways... more »

  • Me And My Dog

    Cold was the night
    Deep was the fog
    Time stood still
    For me and my dog... more »

  • Meerkat Critters

    Imagine if you were driving along
    And right off of the road
    Were little critters in a cluster
    They never have to carry the load.... more »

  • Memorial Day

    t is Memorial Day once again, folks
    So let us take time out to pause
    Stop the world that whirls around us
    And remember who fought for our cause... more »

  • Memorial Day, A Day Of Pause

    Memorial Day is a day of pause
    It means so many things
    For many it's a day from work
    Relaxing it could mean.... more »

  • Memorial Remembrance

    We have a special celebration
    For those folks who served
    We honor every one of them
    As they are loved and so revered... more »

  • Memories

    When I look back on my life
    I have so many memories
    They flash through my mind
    It’s astonishing to me... more »

  • Memories Of Foss

    There is nothing like old photos
    To show just how things used to be
    So they dug out pictures of Foss
    To enjoy with their school family... more »

  • Memories Of Grandma

    I look back on special memories
    Of grandma when I was a kid
    Many special things she said
    And special things that we did.... more »

  • Memories Of Ice

    It’s quite an astonishing thing to see
    When ice covers the entire land
    It sparkles and it glistens too
    And it freezes our feet and hands... more »

  • Memories Of Mom

    There is nothing I can think of
    That brings back old memories
    As much as old family photos
    What a treat they are for me... more »

  • Memories Of My Grandparents’ Place

    As I look up on the old pictures
    Where my grandparents used to live
    So many memories bring back yesterday
    For so much they have to give... more »

  • Memories Of Rain

    I have such fun-filled memories
    Of rain through childhood years
    I remember my brother and I
    Said it was angels shedding tears... more »

  • Memories Of The Early Auto

    Families would climb into the automobile
    On a Sunday afternoon
    Take a drive out to the country
    Singing a classy tune... more »

  • Memories Of The Past

    We all have treasured memories
    That are tucked away in our minds
    We bring them out whenever
    There’s a thought that will remind... more »

  • Memories Of Yesterday

    So many thoughts bring back the past
    Childhoods can be difficult, it’s true
    I was lucky, I have wonderful memories
    I hope it is the same for you... more »

  • Memories On Display

    Have you ever had the kind of day
    When you drive around just to enjoy
    Places you have been in the past before
    Bringing back precious lifetime stories?... more »

  • Memories Run Deep

    We spent time in the country
    Enjoying a red dirt day
    The air so fresh and splendid
    Was invigorating I must say... more »

  • Mikey Is Dead! #2

    I’m sorry to say it was fatal
    The trap clamped down on his head
    It’s a sad day for me because
    Mikey the mole is now dead... more »

  • Mikey The Mole #1

    Mikey the Mole came calling
    One sunny August day
    He had no respect for my flowers
    Got busy with no further delay... more »