• Mikey Is Dead! #2

    I’m sorry to say it was fatal
    The trap clamped down on his head
    It’s a sad day for me because
    Mikey the mole is now dead... more »

  • Mikey The Mole #1

    Mikey the Mole came calling
    One sunny August day
    He had no respect for my flowers
    Got busy with no further delay... more »

  • Mikey’s Funeral #3

    We all gathered around his grave
    The neighborhood children and me
    My husband did not attend
    It was his trap that caught Mikey, you see... more »

  • Mikey’s Journey #4

    A family no doubt Mikey left behind
    He was good clear down to his soul
    But I know he’s in a better place now
    It’s a good ending for Mikey the Mole... more »

  • Milking Cows

    What fun it was when I was a kid
    Climbing up in the hay loft
    Looking down from up above
    Atop the hay so warm and soft... more »

  • Mindy And Casey’s Wedding

    t was such a wonderful wedding
    Two people so crazy in love
    It was Mindy and Casey’s wedding
    It was everything they ever dreamed of... more »

  • Miracle

    Thank you God for the Miracle
    Of life that you gave to me
    I wake up each morning
    With a changing sky that I see.... more »

  • Miss Kayla Wiggins

    She is cute as a button
    And smart as a whip
    When you visit Kayla
    Such joy you will get... more »

  • Miss Laura’s ‘social Club’

    We visited Miss Laura the other day
    As she took us on a tour
    Through the rooms of the ‘Social Club’
    Ah, those memories still endure... more »

  • Missouri’s Botanical Gardens

    If you’ve never seen Botanical Gardens
    You would love to see the one in Missouri
    One of the oldest gardens around
    Take your time, folks don’t be in a hurry... more »

  • Mister Winter

    Don't you love the seasons?
    They each have a unique charm
    Even Mister Winter
    For he really means no harm.... more »

  • Mocha Mint

    One of my favorite Cora Bells
    Is named Mocha Mint
    The reason it is that?
    I will give you a hint.... more »

  • Mollie The Baby Calf

    It looked like a storm was brewing
    Dark clouds were ominous, it’s true
    Such stillness was in the air as well
    And I think you would feel it too... more »

  • Mollie's World Of Mom

    It looked like a storm was brewing
    Dark clouds were ominous, it's true
    Such stillness was in the air as well
    And I think you would feel it too.... more »

  • Mom & The Kids

    Mom and the kids went out for a walk
    Having a special little talk

    Stay close to mom, I wish you no harm... more »

  • Mom’s Garden

    It seems like only yesterday
    That mom carefully hoed the ground
    Making rows long and straight
    She was the best gardener around... more »

  • Mom’s Monday Wash Day

    I remember when I was a little girl
    When Monday’s came around
    The kind of washing machine that we had
    Made a very distinctive kind of sound... more »

  • Mona Lisa’s Smile

    She has a mysterious smile
    Folks wonder what it means
    It’s been written in the text books
    And envisioned in some dreams... more »

  • Monsterfest

    The night was laced with mystery
    We weren’t sure what would arise
    Spooky folks were everywhere
    We were shocked at each surprise... more »

  • Montana Morning

    Streaks of orange across the sky
    Are intertwined with clouds
    Blue sky peeking through it all
    Hanging like a shroud.... more »

  • Montana My Second Home

    My first home is in Washington State
    Where I was born and raised
    My second home is a place where
    I’ve watched the wildlife graze... more »

  • Montana Peace

    Have you ever been to Montana?
    Sat beneath the clear open sky?
    It’s like you’re looking up to heaven
    If you did you’d understand why... more »

  • Montana Visit

    Well, we spent a couple of weeks
    About fifty miles northwest of Billings
    Camped on our twenty acres
    The animals were really thrilling... more »

  • Montana Weather

    We open the windows of our Montana home
    And hope for the best but those clouds will roam
    And pretty soon as the wind blows through
    That sky has changed and it’s no longer blue... more »

  • Montana’s Open Sky

    Have you ever been to Montana
    And observed the open sky?
    Let me tell you, it’s truly amazing
    And I’ll be glad to tell you why... more »