• My Ancestor’s Home

    I took a trip across the ocean
    To visit an old ancestral home
    It’s fun go to places
    Where family grew and roamed... more »

  • My Aunt Winifred

    Because I loved her so very much
    I cannot believe she’s gone
    I always thought of her to be
    Resilient, wise and strong... more »

  • My Autumn Cabin

    It was autumn once again, my friends
    And off to the cabin I'd go
    To sit out on my peaceful porch
    And watch the brilliant leaves flow.... more »

  • My Back Yard

    What a tremendous comfort
    My back yard is to me
    In summer it’s just perfect
    It’s as cozy as it can be... more »

  • My Beautiful Barwinnock

    My ancestors were, as you know
    Scottish to the core
    I traveled to Barwinnock, Scotland
    I always love to see more... more »

  • My Beautiful Church

    My church is made of Sandstone
    So beautiful outside and in
    I take each Sunday seriously
    As I address my daily sins... more »

  • My Beautiful Scotland

    From the emerald rolling hills
    Dotted with meandering sheep
    To the treasured Sweetheart Abey
    I can see it all in my sleep... more »

  • My Big Brother's Birthday

    Once again it is October 4th
    And one thing I know for sure
    I miss you, Rod, so very much
    Sometimes it is hard to endure.... more »

  • My Birthplace

    I uncovered slides of the past
    A glance behind once again
    A picture of Sunday morning church
    One of a Cowden cotton gin... more »

  • My Brother

    Oh, how many memories, Rod
    Are stored within my heart
    And you are such a huge part
    You were there right from the start... more »

  • My Brother Has Cancer

    My brother has cancer
    He’s four years older than me
    He’s all that I have left
    Of my original family... more »

  • My Brother Rod's Birthday

    Oh my, how proud I was
    That my brother was important
    He was a school patrol
    You'd think he was a saint.... more »

  • My Brother Taught Me

    He taught me how to run, oh yes
    From the time that I could walk
    And other plans he had for me
    Just as soon as I could talk.... more »

  • My Brother’s Fountain

    He died last year about this time
    I still miss him every day
    I think about him all the time
    For my brother’s gone away... more »

  • My Brother’s Gone

    There is sadness in my heart today
    I got a call my brother died
    Oh Lord, how much I’ll miss him
    For in heaven he now resides... more »

  • My Brother's Love

    Once again October is here
    Your birthday's on my mind
    The happy years of childhood
    Are always there... I find.... more »

  • My Childhood

    It is not my brother's birthday
    Nor the day he left for good
    I have so many wonderful memories
    I would repeat them if I could.... more »

  • My Christmas

    When I was a little girl
    Christmas meant
    Learning about Baby Jesus
    In Sunday school and... more »

  • My Church

    My church has been a blessing
    Where I’ve prayed for many years
    I thank God for my gifts
    And ask guidance for my fears... more »

  • My Cora Bell Collection

    They truly were magnificent
    I filled the wagon full
    The nursery was overflowing
    The colors were not dull.... more »

  • My Cora Bell, Christa

    When you look at my Cora Bell named Christa
    You can imagine an autumn scene
    Its golden brown colors are so
    Timely, you know what I mean?... more »

  • My Dad

    What a hardworking guy he was
    My dad, is who I mean
    He’s gone now, you know
    Some things seem like a dream... more »

  • My Destiny

    We stroll across the meadow
    The air is fresh and sweet
    My hand is clasped in your hand
    Cool green grass beneath our feet... more »

  • My Dream Home

    Have you ever wanted to live in luxury
    In a mansion with style throughout?
    I wonder what it would be like
    I’d feel important without a doubt... more »

  • My Family

    Nothing is more important to me
    Than my family all together
    I love every single one of them
    Mom, dad, sister and brother... more »