• My Red Dirt World

    Did you ever see a red dirt road
    With a red dirt pond ‘long side?
    Brilliant yellow sunflowers
    In the grass where burrs might hide?... more »

  • My Red, Red Roses

    So beautiful and so fragrant
    I'm so proud of them, you see
    I've had them for a few years
    They are all I want them to be.... more »

  • My Special Dad

    As Father’s Day came and went
    I couldn’t seem to start
    To write my feelings down for you
    So deep within my heart.... more »

  • My Special Mom

    As Mother’s Day came and went
    I couldn’t seem to start
    To write my feelings down for you
    About the kind of mom I’ve got.... more »

  • My Stout Clothesline

    I got up this morning
    Stripped the sheets off the bed
    I’ll not use the dryer
    But hang them up instead... more »

  • My Summer Place

    I love so much my Summer Place
    Within my garden wall
    Some of my flowers hug the ground
    And others are amazingly tall... more »

  • My Sweet Flowers

    They are like my friends or my family
    Oh yes, they truly are
    As welcome as the nighttime
    Skyward shining stars.... more »

  • My Sweet Violets

    They are coming up in my gardens
    Why, just like wild flowers they grow
    A delicious early spring splash of color
    That’s why I really love them so... more »

  • My Thanksgiving

    When I was a little girl
    Thanksgiving was about
    Getting together with family
    Delightful smells of my mother’s... more »

  • My Thermostat Is Broken

    My thermostat is broken
    What am I to do?
    I feel that I am so hot
    I could melt inside my shoes.... more »

  • My Thoughts To You

    I took my time to tell you
    The things I had to say
    For I realize that it’s certain
    Your pain won’t ever go away... more »

  • My World

    I’m surrounded by the things
    That are special in my world
    Walking down a red dirt road
    As clouds above are swirled... more »

  • My World In Yukon

    As I get up in the morning
    So anxious to watch the sun rise
    My camera is in my hand
    For each day is a new surprise... more »

  • My Worn Country Road

    I love my worn country road
    For it takes me back you see
    To the old place where I was raised
    Amongst green fields and trees... more »

  • Nasturtium

    Nasturtiums are one of my favorite
    Flowers since I was a child
    For they have a place where honey
    Is stored in a reservoir so sweet and mild.... more »

  • Native American Art

    I met a wonderfully talented artist
    Who creates beautiful art
    From the historic Native Americans
    That sets her work apart... more »

  • Native American Culture

    It’s wonderful to watch the performance
    As Native American’s show us all
    How it was in the old days
    Standing so proud and tall... more »

  • Native American Postcards

    Native American postcards
    Have been around for many years
    Depicting how it was long ago
    Their lifestyle, habits and fears... more »

  • Nature Is My Guide

    I look up at the hills
    One of nature’s best
    The leaves are turning now
    Like an Eagle leaves its nest... more »

  • Nature Ride

    Have you ever buzzed down the road
    On a fun-filled motorcycle ride?
    I did, some years ago
    And it really did turn the tide... more »

  • Nature Walk

    Their colors now spent
    As autumn takes its tole
    Trees once majestic
    Are changing with fall... more »

  • Nature’s Bounty

    On the ground and in the sky
    We enjoy such lovely scenes
    The beauty is just astonishing
    And almost like a dream... more »

  • Nature’s Colors

    One thing exciting about winter
    Is what’s just around the curve
    The temperature starts to warm
    Oh, so well deserved... more »

  • Nature’s Red Dirt Touch

    There’s nothing quite like
    A walk on nature’s red dirt trail
    So much beauty we touch
    So many stories to tell... more »

  • Nature’s Seasons

    Crunchy leaves beneath my feet
    Tumbling to the path
    Storms blow through as autumn comes
    A taste of nature’s wrath.... more »