• Nature’s Red Dirt Touch

    There’s nothing quite like
    A walk on nature’s red dirt trail
    So much beauty we touch
    So many stories to tell... more »

  • Nature’s Seasons

    Crunchy leaves beneath my feet
    Tumbling to the path
    Storms blow through as autumn comes
    A taste of nature’s wrath.... more »

  • Nature’s Soft Embrace

    I was walking down my driveway
    To get my morning mail
    Enjoying the birds’ soft chirps
    That I can count on without fail... more »

  • Nature’s Tapestry

    I really do love the winter
    Yes, it is sometimes a mess
    From nature’s changing tapestry
    But I’m amazed I must confess... more »

  • Nature’s Train

    Sometimes I think about life
    As a steady continuous stroll
    Our steps uncertain at first
    We must stumble as we go... more »

  • Nature’s Wildflower Farm

    Fields of color come with summer
    A miracle to see
    God chooses his colors carefully
    Just for you and me... more »

  • Nature's Blend

    It was out from the tall grass he came
    Listening and watching everything
    For it is haying time once more
    Creatures large and small it brings.... more »

  • Nature's Wrath Again!

    Oh Lord, why has this happened?
    Once again nature’s wrath
    Was taken out on the people
    So many were in its path.... more »

  • Neck Of The Chicken

    Families come and families go continually
    But some things are similar it seems
    Get-to-gathers important to have
    Talk about work and maybe some dreams... more »

  • Negative Energy

    I think that most of us
    Spend a great deal of our time
    Allowing negative energy
    To fester in our minds... more »

  • Never The Same Again

    We have the strongest country
    And we thought that we were secure
    We felt tough as a united nation
    That there was nothing we couldn’t endure... more »

  • New Orleans, Louisiana Crane

    Of course you expect to see a crane
    In the Swamps of Louisiana
    In the tall reeds and grasses
    Where the life is rugged and raw.... more »

  • New Salem And Lincoln

    New Salem is a place where
    History is frozen in time
    If you’re interested in the past
    Well, this is a great place to find... more »

  • New Year Goals

    It's time to make a list once again
    Of the goals we'd like to achieve
    Our hopes and wishes of tomorrow
    For we always must believe... more »

  • News From Annabaglish

    On the road to New Galloway they went
    For they were to gather up sheep
    Beautiful landscape along the way
    Sending pictures so special to keep... more »

  • Night Of Solid Ice

    The night was solid ice
    Like crystal on everything
    Frozen, clear and silent
    The air wore an icy sting... more »

  • Nightmare Of Rain

    When it rains for whatever reason
    Possibly brought on by a hurricane
    The nightmare is always horrific
    From whatever brought on that rain... more »

  • No One Stands Alone

    If only the entire world
    Could have eternal peace
    Wouldn’t it be wonderful
    If hatred would totally cease?... more »

  • Not Just A Man

    I watched you on the bandstand
    As you sang and played the bass
    Observing your muscular body
    Your rugged and handsome face.... more »

  • Nothing Lasts Forever

    Do you ever just drive around
    To see the country sights?
    Old homesteads crumbling with time
    It never seems quite right... more »

  • Nothing Like The Darkness

    There is nothing like the darkness
    To set the stage for beauty
    The sunsets and sunrises
    Are simply nature’s duty... more »

  • Nothing Says Spring Like Daffodils!

    We watch as the little crocus heads
    Pop out of the ground in spring
    Primroses so sweet and colorful
    Is a flower warm weather brings... more »

  • November Sunrise

    There is nothing quite like a sunrise
    On a chilly November morning
    Bundled up in a coat and scarf
    Just freshly awake and yawning... more »

  • Noxious Weeds

    He pulls the noxious weeds
    Of our Montana summer place
    His shirt and shorts not matching
    And I smile at his time-creased face... more »

  • Oakland Plantation

    I have seen many southern plantations
    During my years of travel
    It really opens your eyes, my friend
    And lets the past beautifully unravel... more »