• Ocean Peace

    The sound of rushing water
    Encompasses the mind
    The lovely white capped waves
    Truly pauses time... more »

  • October Celebrations

    What a wonderful month it is
    There are so many different feels
    The weather changing is one thing
    I love earthy warm sweet smells.... more »

  • Oh, Glorious Spring!

    We're all thrilled that spring has come
    Our weather changes to gentle showers
    And then the sun pops out warmly
    And spring brings on its brilliant flowers... more »

  • Oil Boom Town

    It was a time when life was hard
    So when oil had been found
    Boom towns began to spring up
    Creating this Oklahoma town... more »

  • Oil Wells, Windmills And Red Dirt Roads

    You can tell when you travel a certain road
    What direction you are going
    The sound, the smell and surroundings
    And what could possibly be flowing... more »

  • Okey Dokey Charm

    What a clever guy he is
    I’m sure that you’ll agree
    Talented beyond any words
    He has a show for you and me... more »

  • Okie-Cars

    All the colors of the rainbow
    Wrapped up in Okie-cars
    Designs from way back when
    The most exciting cars by far... more »

  • Oklahoma

    It was September when we drove along
    A brilliant red dirt road
    I remembered all the stories
    That John McCornack told.... more »

  • Oklahoma Bound

    Did you ever hear of a town
    And set out to find that place?
    It’s fun, you should try it
    Hopefully you’ll find a trace... more »

  • Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial

    We couldn’t believe what we were hearing
    It just couldn’t be true we thought
    How could anyone be this cruel?
    We hoped they would quickly be caught... more »

  • Oklahoma City Museum Of Art

    He was born in 1732 to a family in Virginia
    They were established planters, you see
    Dignity and social graces he was taught
    Early American history is so exciting to me... more »

  • Oklahoma Clouds

    The clouds in Oklahoma send
    So many messages to me
    You don’t need to watch for weather
    On the weather channel on TV... more »

  • Oklahoma Country Living

    Growing up in Oklahoma
    Would truly be a luxury
    Beauty on an every day basis
    And I’m saying this objectively... more »

  • Oklahoma County Fair

    While driving on our red dirt roads
    Stop and visit our Country Fair
    Everything from flowers to animals
    Local folks bring here to share... more »

  • Oklahoma Dust Storm

    It was a wicked storm that time
    The red dirt turned into dust
    It covered everything it saw
    Our world looked just like rust... more »

  • Oklahoma Garden Festival

    This time of year is so exciting
    Because spring opens up the doors
    For the Oklahoma Garden Festival
    What will be this year’s décor?... more »

  • Oklahoma Hats

    I went to the fair the other day
    Stopped at a stand with hats on display
    There were hats of every single shade
    Choosing was a decision I could not have made.... more »

  • Oklahoma Here I Come!

    I have traveled those red dirt roads
    Taking in wonderful sights along the way
    I have cruised along Route 66
    The perfect place to work and to play... more »

  • Oklahoma Heritage Center

    I wish you could have been with us
    When we went on a trip the other day
    Our tour guide did a great job
    With the Heritage Center on display... more »

  • Oklahoma Heroes And Outlaws

    We took the bus and visited
    A place where we found
    The work of talented artists
    Many were already renowned... more »

  • Oklahoma Hydro

    It’s the 100th year celebration
    And oh, what fun will be had
    If you aren’t able to join us
    You know it will be pretty sad... more »

  • Oklahoma Red Dirt Roads

    Have you ever seen Oklahoma?
    And traveled the red dirt roads?
    I have, and it’s an experience
    It puts you in a ‘peaceful’ mode... more »

  • Oklahoma Skies

    How I’d love to see Dr. John once more
    Why, he’s the nicest guy you could meet
    His smile sincerely lights up the room
    And he’s thoughtful and so very sweet... more »

  • Oklahoma State Fair

    We wait so patiently
    For our work to pass the test
    We take pride in what we’ve done
    As the judges choose the best... more »

  • Oklahoma State Fair Entries

    We baked our cakes and decorated
    As careful as could be
    Then placed them on a table
    For all the world to see... more »