• Pet Peeves

    Our lives can be very difficult
    We struggle every day
    Schedules that we must complete
    On track we try to stay... more »

  • Petals & Things

    It’s my very favorite time of year
    Yes it’s spring, oh glorious spring
    The world is alive with changes
    Like delightful petals and things... more »

  • Photography

    I hold my camera carefully
    Then guide it to my eye
    I tremble slightly
    The sight before me is focused... more »

  • Pickin’ Cotton

    Pickin’ cotton was such hard work
    Kids started at an early age
    Waited until it was fluffy white
    Then picked at that perfect stage... more »

  • Pictures Of Grandma

    I take out a photo of Grandma
    Taken a long time ago
    I feel the tears flood my eyes
    Because I’ve loved her so... more »

  • Pink Cadillac In The Country

    He was lookin’ kinda cool
    Against his ‘pink Cadillac’
    Looking on ahead of him
    But still always looking back... more »

  • Pink Impatient

    Do you want to find a plant
    That is perfect for everything?
    It is a flower that is suitable
    From the very early spring?... more »

  • Pink Rose

    I love every single color of roses
    The gardeners have created
    Beauty of a rose certainly
    Cannot be understated... more »

  • Planting Time

    I enjoy so much the fields of crops
    As I travel across the land and find
    Huge and modern machinery
    Ah yes, it’s planting time... more »

  • Please Bring Back Spring!

    Oh no! When did it happen?
    Although we knew it wouldn’t last
    ‘Cause summer is almost over
    A change has now been cast... more »

  • Please God, Help The Usa

    You've given us such exquisite things
    Landscapes for us to travel
    The seasons are so glorious
    But sometimes they unravel.... more »

  • Please God, Let Love Unfold

    Dear God, things are not okay
    As far as our country goes
    Unrest for many reasons
    Some things have turned to blows.... more »

  • Please Ignore The Stains!

    Please ignore the stains
    Our toilet isn't white... more »

  • Please Take Me Back

    Please take me back in time
    To when I was very young
    Life was so easy way back then
    At the place where I was from... more »

  • Poems

    Do you ever notice how poems
    Are hidden everywhere?
    And once the words are written
    It is usually meant to share... more »

  • Polka Anyone?

    Did you ever learn to Polka?
    Or watch others’ do the dance?
    It’s so fun, creative and lively
    You ought to give it a chance... more »

  • Poor Jealous Pooch

    Oh please why don’t you pet me?
    Don’t just pet the cat
    I’m handsome and I’m loving
    You can see just where I’m at... more »

  • Poor Kitty

    Oh dear, I really think he is stuck
    Poor kitty has such awful luck.

    And the birds are perched on top... more »

  • Poor Sad Kawliga

    You know I met Kawliga
    Been about a year or so now
    He didn’t say a thing to me
    He didn’t even bow... more »

  • Porches

    I think porches are so fascinating
    They come in every size
    You can sit upon the porch and read
    Become older, yes, but wise.... more »

  • Postcard Magic

    I suppose folks don’t send them
    The way they used to do
    But I remember getting postcards
    I’m sure you have gotten them too... more »

  • Postcard Pretty

    If you want to know of a special place
    I want you to give Peoria a try
    Once you spend some time there
    You will understand just why... more »

  • Postcards From The Past

    There is nothing quite like postcards
    Sent from somewhere in the past
    Put into a box or a chest
    Sealed up so they would last... more »

  • Prairie Dogs

    Have you ever studied Prairie dogs?
    Well I have, many times
    My favorite place is by Devil’s Tower
    It was a wonderful Prairie Dog find... more »

  • Prairie Life

    I drive down those rusty red roads
    Enjoy the country scenes
    Nothing could be better
    It’s everything that I dream... more »