• Rain On Route-66

    The rain was pouring down
    On the road as we drove along
    And as we drove we whistled
    That cheerful Route-66 song... more »

  • Rainbow Amongst The Clouds

    Don’t you enjoy a rainbow?
    On a soggy kind of day
    The air so sweet and fresh
    You wish that it would forever stay... more »

  • Rainbow Of Summer Flowers

    What wonderful colors surround us
    As we enter the summer season
    Tiny buds have opened up
    And they have a very good reason... more »

  • Rainbow's End

    I don't know how it happened
    How this little tiny rose
    Became all these colors
    How do you suppose?... more »

  • Raindrops

    There are many thoughts I have
    About raindrops as they fall
    They can be large, wet and heavy
    Or barely raindrops at all... more »

  • Rainy Days

    Aren’t you amazed when the sky turns dark
    And the air has got a certain feel?
    You know something is about to change
    And rain sort of fills the bill... more »

  • Rainy Friday Night

    I took an evening out
    For time out on the town
    Just kinda sorta wondered
    What was going on around... more »

  • Rambo In The Sunset

    He couldn’t have been more handsome
    His horns spread enormously wide
    Standing out in the field all alone
    With absolutely no one by his side... more »

  • Random Photos

    If you are the sort of person
    Who loves to snap a camera
    With topics that will vary
    While in your life you meander... more »

  • Raven

    He was strolling through the city parking lot
    From a distance he was just a little dot

    To see a Raven was such a treat to me... more »

  • Reaching Out To God

    Dear God, I see the error of my ways
    And things that I need to do
    So hard it is after all these years
    So I am reaching out to you.... more »

  • Reading To A Child

    You open up so many doors
    When you read to a child
    Their imagination becomes so vivid
    As they are artistically beguiled... more »

  • Ready For The Parade

    He’s on his tractor ready to go
    Handsome as can be
    The girls are primpin’ don’t you know
    For everyone to see... more »

  • Ready To Celebrate

    They’re getting ready for festivities
    Everyone is so excited
    Donned in ancient brilliant costumes
    And you too, sir, are invited... more »

  • Red Buck Story

    Red Buck wasn’t the kinda guy
    That you would invite for dinner
    He ended up in jail, you know
    For he was quite the sinner... more »

  • Red Dirt & Mail Pouch Barns

    I still, after so many years
    Enjoy a comfortable ride
    Driving those red dirt roads
    In the area where I reside... more »

  • Red Dirt & Red Skies

    The red dirt fascinates me so
    It just doesn’t look quite real
    Too bright and much too pretty
    It has that ‘country’ feel... more »

  • Red Dirt 101

    One day as I was strolling
    Down a lonesome red dirt road
    Something caught my eye
    It was curious to behold... more »

  • Red Dirt Beauty

    I’ve traveled those red dirt roads
    As far as the eye can see
    Relaxing as I go along
    A special kind of life for me... more »

  • Red Dirt Christmas

    Oh how I love that red dirt road
    And during this time of year
    It fits right into the holiday
    The Red brings Christmas cheer... more »

  • Red Dirt Cotton

    I took a ride the other day
    Along those roads so red
    Saw puffy white cotton bolls
    As down the road I sped... more »

  • Red Dirt Country

    Many folks have memories
    About the red dirt where they live
    Some poor as little church mice
    They learned in life to forgive... more »

  • Red Dirt Cows

    I love to watch red dirt cows
    They blend right in with the dirt
    Some with cute white faces
    So friendly they kind of flirt... more »

  • Red Dirt Forever!

    Nothing is quite as relaxing
    As having a red dirt day
    The color gleaming brightly
    As I go along my way... more »

  • Red Dirt Foss

    Down that red dirt road I traveled
    Along my memory lane
    Thought I’d trace my past one day
    To see what stayed the same... more »