• Skidaway State Park

    We chose the perfect state park
    In Savannah, Georgia it was
    Tucked away amongst the trees
    It was perfect for our cause.... more »

  • Sleepy Hollow

    There is a little spot I must tell you about
    Tucked away in the sweetest place
    It’s a restaurant called Sleepy Hollow
    Where the food has such a delicious taste... more »

  • Small Country Church

    Did you ever have a time in your life
    When you just couldn’t get it together?
    Perhaps you’re headed pretty straight
    Then things changed just like the weather... more »

  • Smell Of Coffee & Bacon

    Out on the Chisholm Trail, the life
    Was very difficult indeed
    Virtually scratched out a living
    And planted the necessary seeds... more »

  • Smell The Rain

    Don't you love the smell of rain
    On a dark soppy afternoon?
    The sound of plopping water
    Sometimes comes none too soon... more »

  • Smile

    There are so many things in life
    That makes us smile every single day
    Spring and summer are designed
    To keep us happy in so many ways... more »

  • Snake Dinner

    A snake dinner anyone?
    Now, don’t go shakin’ your head
    You just might really like it
    Not necessarily something to dread... more »

  • Snow Days

    It was one of those snowy days
    The children went out to see
    Oh how those kids loved snow
    It thickly coated the clothesline and trees... more »

  • Snow On My Nose

    Hey there, how’re you doing?
    You can see I’m in the cold
    I’ve gotta admit it’s pretty
    But after while it does get old... more »

  • Snow Or Rain?

    It is winter here in my part of the world
    Some places it is icy and cold
    Mister winter is blustery for sure
    As usual he is lusty and bold.... more »

  • Snow Sculptures

    It was white and fresh and new
    As it blanketed the land
    It looked like delicious sculptures
    So refreshing and so grand... more »

  • Snowmen Fun!

    While driving around in snow
    We see wonderful glistening things
    Listening to Christmas music
    And of course we always sing... more »

  • Snowy Afternoon

    It was on a snowy afternoon
    I went out for a drive
    It looked like all the plant life
    Never could survive... more »

  • Snowy Day In Montana

    I went hunting with Randy that year
    Off to Montana we would go
    We settled in on our property
    And watched the snowflakes flow.... more »

  • So Beautiful With Color

    If only life could be
    As simple and as lovely
    As a calming wonderful sunset
    So pure and colorful to see... more »

  • So Long Ago

    There was once a little settlement
    Good folks lived there long ago
    They worked hard to build a town
    So their daily life could flow... more »

  • So Much To Do

    There is so much to do the first of the year
    I don't know where to start
    It is simply over-whelming for me
    As though I'm working in the dark.... more »

  • Soccer Girl

    She gets out there and hustles
    She does her very best
    It’s all about the teamwork
    And winning is her quest... more »

  • Soda Fountain Lunch

    I found a place to have some lunch
    Warm and captivating I found it to be
    The food was absolutely delicious
    It was the perfect place for me... more »

  • Soft Romantic Touch

    June is here again, folks
    And with it come the brides
    Smiles upon their faces
    For this is their ‘romantic’ side... more »

  • Sorghum Day Festival

    It was a sweet day for everyone
    For they were celebrating a crop
    That is turned into delicious syrup
    When you try it you won’t want to stop... more »

  • South Place

    There is a chunk of land that’s special
    For this land belongs to me
    And in the midst of the acreage
    An old house teeters precariously... more »

  • Southern Plantation Beauty

    Have you ever visited a plantation
    That takes you to a different time
    Shows you the beauty from before
    A beauty that is rare to find?... more »

  • Souvenir Shopping

    Most everyone collects something
    And there’s so many things to choose
    Statues of every kind
    Why, there’s no way you can lose... more »

  • Spanish Cove Koffee Klatch

    Another exciting Koffee Klatch
    Where friends all come together
    Coffee and snacks and visiting
    No matter how adverse the weather... more »