• Special Family Memories

    I have special family memories
    Of when I was just a child
    My family did things together
    More often than once in awhile... more »

  • Special Holiday Friends

    Oh, how I DO love Christmas
    What a special and joyful event
    Bright and cheerful decorations
    Time with loved ones are spent... more »

  • Special Lunch Memories

    Whenever I want to go to a special place
    For lunch and a nice visit
    I’ll tell you about a restaurant that is
    Fun and the service is exquisite... more »

  • Special Peony

    This peony was special when
    Sister Philomena one day
    Picked up bare bulbs and said
    "If you want them I'll give them away."... more »

  • Special Spanish Cove

    As I look at vacation pictures, John
    I see one of my favorite places
    I enjoyed Spanish Cove so much
    There are many familiar faces... more »

  • Spencer The Dog

    “Every boy needs a dog, mom”
    My little boy said to me
    Since I was raising him all alone
    I tried to be the best I could be... more »

  • Spend The Day With A Cow

    Don’tcha find it peaceful
    To watch a herd of cows
    I mean, they’re so calm it seems
    No problems or hurtful rows... more »

  • Spending Time With Friends

    There is not much that is better than
    Spending time with friends
    No matter what the reason is
    Whether holiday or trend.... more »

  • Spotlight

    He is beautiful beyond compare
    Spotlight is name
    Yellow green are leaves
    And dark red are his veins.... more »

  • Spring And Summer Flowers

    I love my spring and summer flowers
    They make life so glorious for me
    They announce every single color
    And they are so exhilarating to see.... more »

  • Spring Beauty

    I go outside on a chilly day
    Look up and down my flower beds
    My little friends look up at me
    With their sad little wintery heads.... more »

  • Spring Blooms

    The most important thing to me
    When spring is on the rise
    Are all the lovely colors
    Of flowers before my eyes.... more »

  • Spring Blossoms

    Do you ever just take a walk
    In the park on a sunny day?
    Flowers in full bloom
    Children racing around at play... more »

  • Spring Break

    The lazy time of spring break
    Is here and just in time
    Kids and teachers alike
    Are more than ready, I find... more »

  • Spring Delights!

    Spring is such a pure delight
    When weather starts to warm
    Flowers open up for us
    In the city or out on the farm... more »

  • Spring Enchantments

    As soon as I step outside my front door
    I see them and I have to smile
    My beautiful flowers beckon me
    To visit them for a little while.... more »

  • Spring Planting

    It’s spring time once again
    And isn’t it exciting?
    I love to get out there in the sun
    The warmth is so inviting... more »

  • Spring Rain

    It has rained and rained and rained
    It never stops it seems
    Oh, how I would love sunshine
    But, for now it is only in my dreams.... more »

  • Spring Rains

    As I sit and look out my window
    I watch as the hummingbirds
    Swarm my tempting bird feeder
    I’m captivated beyond words... more »

  • Spring Storm

    It was a springtime drippy day
    As I went about my chores
    I thought it would only sprinkle
    Not like ocean waves on shore... more »

  • Spring Time 'N Chocolate

    Have you noticed the subtle changes
    Lately along the roadway?
    Color is popping out now
    A little more every single day... more »

  • Springtime

    Don’t you love the springtime?
    As we wait impatiently
    For wind to blow in changes
    Just for you and me.... more »

  • Springtime Flowers

    Aren’t you excited about spring?
    I know that I certainly am
    So many flowers to choose from
    Each one a special gem... more »

  • Springtime Magic

    There is so much magic in springtime
    As our landscape begins to wake up
    Much like a warm delicious coffee
    That we sip from a special coffee cup... more »

  • Springtime Snow

    So you think that winter is over?
    Well, friend I’ve got news for you
    Because winter took a drastic turn
    It has more it needs to do... more »