• Spring Time 'N Chocolate

    Have you noticed the subtle changes
    Lately along the roadway?
    Color is popping out now
    A little more every single day... more »

  • Springtime

    Don’t you love the springtime?
    As we wait impatiently
    For wind to blow in changes
    Just for you and me.... more »

  • Springtime Flowers

    Aren’t you excited about spring?
    I know that I certainly am
    So many flowers to choose from
    Each one a special gem... more »

  • Springtime Magic

    There is so much magic in springtime
    As our landscape begins to wake up
    Much like a warm delicious coffee
    That we sip from a special coffee cup... more »

  • Springtime Snow

    So you think that winter is over?
    Well, friend I’ve got news for you
    Because winter took a drastic turn
    It has more it needs to do... more »

  • St. Lewis Cardinals

    We hopped aboard our tour bus
    You’ll never guess where we went
    We went to the Busch stadium
    Where a great afternoon was spent... more »

  • Stability

    One thing that is so important
    Well, at least it is to me
    Is a strong feeling of something
    That would be called stability... more »

  • Stafford Space Museum

    Have you ever wondered
    What it’s like in outer space?
    It’s difficult to imagine
    To have gravity erased... more »

  • Stafford’s Little Jelly Factory

    We took a little trip I know you’d love
    It was several of my friends and me
    A special time was had by all
    When we visited a little jelly factory... more »

  • Stamp Collecting

    Stamp collecting is quite a hobby
    A glance into world history
    Researching another country
    Uncovers so many mysteries... more »

  • Stand Up

    Standing up isn’t necessarily easy
    There is always a chance we take
    When strong thoughts are fashioned
    Along with statements that we make... more »

  • Standing Bear Café

    It was a fascinating little restaurant
    Called Standing Bear Café
    The décor was fun to look at
    I would recommend it any day... more »

  • Starting With A Sunrise

    There is nothing quite like a sunrise
    To start a new day out right
    The colors are so amazing
    And are such a welcome sight... more »

  • State Fair Fun

    Do you ever spend a relaxing time
    Strolling around the State Fair?
    You can easily take the entire day
    So many fun things to see there... more »

  • State Fair Judging

    We wait so patiently
    For our work to pass the test
    We take pride in what we’ve done
    As the judges choose the best... more »

  • Steak & Shake

    Have you ever been to a Steak & Shake?
    It’s a pleasure you don’t want to miss
    Cooked to perfection their steaks are
    And it’s food you couldn’t resist... more »

  • Steeped In Dark History

    Steeped in dark history
    A robber’s cave within
    But you’d never know it
    Now there’s beauty not sin... more »

  • Step Back

    Don’t you love to step back?
    Just for a little while
    Remember things from the past
    That brings us a few warm smiles... more »

  • Stepping Up To Life

    Do you ever stop and think about
    The chapters of folks’ lives?
    They started from absolutely nothing
    Took on a husband or wife... more »

  • Steve And Sheila In Vegas

    Steve and Sheila were out on the town
    In the middle of classy Las Vegas
    So many things to see and do
    But took time to pose just for us... more »

  • Still My Baby Boy

    The night was long, I walked and walked
    Then at 7: 20 in the morning
    My little boy finally made his appearance
    Later I was finally soundly sleeping.... more »

  • Stillness Of The Morning

    In the stillness of the morning
    As the early sun appears
    My pond slowly becomes visual
    Such beauty it brings me tears... more »

  • Stone Bluff Cellars

    We took a little trip
    Just the other day
    Thought we'd travel
    So we could get away... more »

  • Stop And Enjoy

    Life goes by so quickly
    And sometimes we forget
    To simply stop and enjoy
    So there will be no regrets... more »

  • Storm

    I love when a storm is coming in
    Waiting for the raindrops to begin

    A mixture of clouds, oh my, such fun... more »