• Summer Festivities

    The time of the year is coming
    When so many festivities are around
    I love what is waiting for summer
    The sights, the smells and the sounds... more »

  • Summertime Rain

    There is nothing as refreshing
    As a sweet summertime rain
    After the cooling showers
    Nothing is ever quite the same... more »

  • Summertime Treat

    I saw the sweetest little girl
    Why, it was just the other day
    With a pink little Popsicle
    While the girl was out at play.... more »

  • Sunday Afternoon Outing

    Dressed in their Sunday finest
    Right after church one afternoon
    The family took a little stroll
    And it couldn’t have been too soon... more »

  • Sunday Magic

    Every day can be magical
    Depending on your frame of mind
    The world is open to everything
    And happiness is there to find... more »

  • Sunday’s Reflections

    I go to church on Sunday
    And reflect the week before
    I pray to God for help
    With what next week has in store... more »

  • Sundays

    When I was a little girl
    Sundays were special.
    My folks dropped my brother and me
    Off at Sunday school... more »

  • Sunday's As A Child

    Sunday's are special; it's always been that way
    I remember as a child before church I would
    Put on my best dress with patent leather shoes
    A pot roast in the oven was always understood.... more »

  • Sunny Day Thoughts

    The sun’s shining bright
    The clothesline is full
    It makes me feel happy
    Not a moment is dull... more »

  • Sunrise From My Window

    The sunrise from my window
    Was astonishing to see
    Like a bright boiling volcano
    That’s how it looked to me... more »

  • Sunrise On The Bridge

    So beautiful as the sun came up
    On my early morning drive
    The sky so peaceful and lovely
    And before long I arrived... more »

  • Sunrise With The Lord

    Do you ever start the day out
    Sharing a sunrise with the Lord?
    Just having a little chat with Him
    Feeling grateful He’s on board?... more »

  • Sunset Dreams

    A beautiful sunset can always
    Put your mind to rest
    The colors so extraordinary
    They are truly nature’s best... more »

  • Sunset Hours

    It’s so beautiful in the evening
    When the sun is dropping down
    It’s time to stop and ponder
    And take inventory, I’ve found... more »

  • Sunset Of His Years

    His precious little child
    Many years ago
    A father smiles in pride
    He loves that baby so... more »

  • Sunset Thinking

    Do you ever watch the sunset
    And just sit and think about things
    Just you and the sky and darkness
    Giving your thoughts some wings... more »

  • Sunset With Your God

    There are many times the day is long
    We try to keep our faith so strong
    We attempt to do the best we can
    As we follow a rather simple plan.... more »

  • Sunsets And Wild Roses

    I saw the most magnificent sight
    As the sun dropped behind the trees
    So lovely I had to pause
    Yes, sir it just made me freeze... more »

  • Sunsets Create Dreams

    I love how at the end of the day
    The sky lights up for me
    Colors grace my entire world
    Its beauty is astonishing to see... more »

  • Sunsets Of Life

    There are night times filled with purple
    So beautiful it takes your breath
    As you watch this night unfolding
    You can feel the loss of stress... more »

  • Sunsets, Flowers And Windmills

    Sunsets, Flowers and Windmills
    Are a part of what you can expect
    From the state of Oklahoma
    Many special things that we get... more »

  • Sunshine In Our Life

    Often times I notice
    That when life is just too much
    Many folks must escape reality
    So they choose to embrace a crutch... more »

  • Surprised Pooch

    When he caught the ball so excited was he
    For the ball was floating in the air, you see.

    When his teeth come down there will be a surprise... more »

  • Swadley’s Here I Come

    Whenever you’re hungry
    I’ve got a tip for you
    Meet me down town
    And I’ll tell you what we’ll do... more »

  • Sweet Azalea’s

    There is nothing like the Azalea
    So welcome in the spring
    Colors that warm your heart
    Excitement they always bring... more »