• A Winter Night

    Do you ever sit
    On a winter's night
    Warm and cuddly
    By a candlelight?... more »

  • A Winter Pause

    It was the first day of winter
    With hat and coat snug and tight
    Outside my booted feet crunched
    For it had snowed all night.... more »

  • A Wintry Dream

    It was fluffy like cotton candy
    As lovely as anything I'd seen
    A snow-scape when I awoke
    Was exactly like a wintry dream... more »

  • A Wintry Stroll

    I went for a little stroll
    It was just the other day
    My life felt pretty peaceful
    As I went along my way... more »

  • A Woman And Her Horse

    They become one with their partner
    Who understand them so very well
    Often not a word needs to be said
    It's a bon that continues to swell.... more »

  • A Wonderful Sport

    If you want to make a kid happy
    Just put a fishing pole in his hand
    As soon as he snags one
    He'll feel like the King in his land.... more »

  • A World Of Ice

    We wondered what had hit us
    When we woke up one wintry day
    An ice storm had blown through
    And looked like it might stay... more »

  • A World Wide Pandemic

    I have always said everything has a poem
    But, my friend, I have never ever dreamed
    That we would be in a world crisis
    Of this proportion - impossible it seems.... more »

  • A Yukon Tradition

    It is an exciting tradition in Yukon
    Parades with horses and fun
    You must stop by and visit
    Even if you’re out on the run... more »

  • A Zebra Visit

    f you’ve ever had a visit with a Zebra
    It’s an animal that stands on its own
    For there is nothing at all quite like it
    As it nestles inside of its home... more »

  • Abandoned House In Wyoming

    A home that has been abandoned
    It is so sad for me to see
    I wonder about its life story
    So curious it is to me.... more »

  • Abandoned Little Home

    It is the cutest little house
    You wonder about its story
    You know that it was lovely
    In bygone days with all its glory.... more »

  • Acceptance

    It’s so easy for us to criticize
    Others for what they do
    I think we all are guilty
    Don’t you feel this is true?... more »

  • Acorn Squash From The Garden

    They grew and then they grew some more
    Popped that squash out in clusters
    I gave so many away I cannot count
    Almost more work than I could muster.... more »

  • Across The Green Fields

    Across the green fields
    Up on the bluffs
    High into the sky
    A place I didn’t realize existed... more »

  • Across The Sea

    While traveling all over the world
    There’s so much that you can see
    Across the expanse of ocean
    So different traditionally... more »

  • Adorable Snowman

    There is nothing quite like a snowman
    Excited children have created
    Every little thing they have added
    Simply cannot be understated.... more »

  • Ah, Amazing Cotton Fields

    You know, there are many folks
    When they see a cotton gin
    Can say, "I remember that...'
    Telling stories from way back when... more »

  • Ah, Those Memories...

    I dance beneath the rooftop
    Chuckle at my lost thoughts
    Remembering years gone by
    The lessons life has taught... more »

  • Ain’t We Got... Fun?

    In the midst of the holiday season
    With Christmas almost here
    Do you ever think of spring time?
    Amidst the holiday cheer?... more »

  • Algodones, Mexico

    You say you are going Christmas shopping?
    I will tell you the best place to go
    You can find tons of ‘stuff' in Algodones
    It is a city in the country of Mexico.... more »

  • All About Love

    It is February again, my friends
    And you know what that means
    Love is in the air again
    It happens often it seems.... more »

  • All But The Last Date

    Don't worry, my friend, it is not there
    The last date on our gravestone
    We still have plenty of time, we hope
    In which to pack our trailer and roam.... more »

  • Almost Christmas

    Everywhere I go now, I see beautiful
    Christmas lights and such
    In the stores folks gather ‘round
    There is a busy holiday touch.... more »

  • Almost Spring

    As winter turns the corner
    And spring is on the way
    I wait with mounting happiness
    To see what comes today.... more »