• The Elderly Garden

    I watched a couple the other day
    Both in their 80s at least
    She was scraping out a trench
    In which to plant some seeds.... more »

  • The Elephant Bar

    I have a simple question to ask you
    Have you ever been to an Elephant bar?
    Oh, you must, because it’s so quaint
    One of my favorite restaurants so far... more »

  • The Exciting Gene Autry, Oklahoma

    There was no one like Gene Autry
    From back in the old west days
    Roy Rogers was amazing too
    And we’ll never forget Gabby Hayes... more »

  • The Farmer’s Daughter

    He was ready to meet the lady
    That could perhaps be his mate
    Or just a moment of passion
    Didn’t know he’d meet his fate... more »

  • The Farming Life

    So beautiful and impressive
    The Clydesdales have such grace
    A purebred you can tell for sure
    For his lineage you’ll surely trace... more »

  • The Fascinating State Of Minnesota

    I think it is so gratifying when I can visit
    The states in our beautiful country
    Landscape, architecture and people
    Are truly so fascinating to me.... more »

  • The First Hundred Years

    How fast 100 years go by
    When you look back through the ages
    Why, it’s almost a blink of the eye
    As I leaf through the history pages... more »

  • The Fishing Experience

    I just love pan fried fish
    Straight from the line to the pan
    There’s nothing quite as succulent
    And crisp with a pan-fried tan... more »

  • The Gate Of Lost Memories

    I opened the gate wide one sunny day
    And you wouldn’t believe what I found
    Why, they were memories I’d forgotten
    They were so pure and country bound... more »

  • The Golden Dragons

    They were dressed in bright green shirts
    They even had their sponsors
    They were the Golden Dragons
    They were the fiercest of the seniors... more »

  • The Good Life

    A good life means many things
    It’s not just in your body, you know
    It’s also in your mind as well
    It’s what gives folks that inner glow... more »

  • The Great Will Rogers

    Have you been to Claremont, Oklahoma?
    Well, they built a memorial there
    For Will Rogers, the cowboy humorist
    They have so many things to share... more »

  • The Green Flash

    As if there aren’t enough colors
    We get with the sunrise and the sunset
    I’ll tell you folks it’s something amazing
    Another miracle that we might get... more »

  • The Guardian

    The Guardian is a statue
    On the capitol’s new dome
    Looking down on Oklahoma
    From his new and special home... more »

  • The Hat They Wore

    You know, we don’t often realize
    How important it is what we wear
    But back in the ‘olden’ days
    People really did seem to care... more »

  • The Heart Of A Little Girl

    It started with a vision in her mind
    From the heart of a little girl
    A mixture of brilliant colors
    A swipe, a dot or a swirl.... more »

  • The Holidays

    Don’t you just love the holidays?
    Precious family members to see
    No matter where they are gathering
    That’s where you want to be... more »

  • The Holy City

    There is a beautiful Holy City
    In the Wichita Wildlife refuge
    You wouldn’t believe the beauty
    Of the stones of granite that are used... more »

  • The Homesteader’s Life

    A big part of our country’s history
    Was the early homestead kind of life
    Farmers took on a huge challenge
    Bought a piece of land and chose a wife... more »

  • The Horse

    So beautiful and majestic
    Don’t you just love the horse?
    They wait so patiently
    Inside the fence, of course... more »

  • The Human Face

    Do you ever stop and wonder
    How the human face
    Can look so different
    In such a cramped-up space?... more »

  • The Hummers Are Back!

    I could hear a couple of days ago
    As I sat in my reclining chair
    A whirring sound and looked up
    A little humming bird was there... more »

  • The Hungry Bird

    He knew just what he was doing
    We watched him from a bench
    He looked around to see if
    His planning was a cinch.... more »

  • The Japanese Style

    An exciting visit to Japan
    Is an experience you’ll never forget
    Take the time and money, folks
    You will not have a single regret... more »

  • The Joy Of Autumn

    How I love the joy of autumn
    For it brings to me a smile
    So many connotations
    For it is nature’s amazing style.... more »