• The Other Side Of The Story

    So many times we all hear someone say
    How another has done a bad thing
    Perhaps someone we don't even know
    So strange thoughts our mind will bring.... more »

  • The Perfect Burger

    If you’re looking for a burger
    That is just the perfect size
    Cooked with grilled perfection
    You are in for a big surprise... more »

  • The Perfect Country Scene

    Just imagine a country setting
    Of rolling rusty-red hills
    Animals roaming across the plains
    Water tank and whirling windmills... more »

  • The Perfect Kind Of Day

    It was the perfect kind of day
    As I went for a little ride
    Just me out with nature
    Taking everything in stride... more »

  • The Perfect Mixture

    He keeps his camera ready
    For just the right picture
    At night time he sees colors
    That creates the perfect mixture... more »

  • The Pink Toothbrush

    'Is this pink toothbrush yours, grandma? '
    My granddaughter asked me
    'No, it is grandpa's, ' I said
    She looked at me quizzically.... more »

  • The Poems Are Coming

    Oh no, the poems are coming
    The seasons are at fault
    It is like they're all collected
    Inside my mental poetry vault.... more »

  • The Positive Things

    You know, it seems like most of us
    At the end of a busy day
    Seem to be too tired to think about
    The positive things along the way... more »

  • The Rainy Mountain School

    There was a school on Rainy Mountain
    A mountain named by the Kiowa’s
    A beautiful mountain it has always been
    And has been an enormous draw... more »

  • The Red Piano

    My friends at Spanish Cove
    Had such a wonderful day
    Once deciding on a place to go
    Nothing will stand in their way... more »

  • The Ride

    It was a deep and brilliant red
    Straight as a road could be
    I was driving in the country
    Just my car, nature and me... more »

  • The Road Home

    I’ve driven across this land
    From coast to coast, my friend
    Each state is so special
    Such uniqueness they all lend... more »

  • The Rock Café

    While we were on our fine vacation
    We stopped along the way
    Our appetites were fierce
    We needed food without delay... more »

  • The Rockin L & H

    Nothing tastes nearly as good
    As it does on the outside grill
    Camping out in my childhood
    I have sweet memories still... more »

  • The Seasons

    It is the time of year for changes
    And excitement fills the air
    As autumn comes our way
    Soon many trees are completely bare.... more »

  • The Seven Philosophies

    Native American men
    Have seven philosophies
    That guides them through life
    And through all eternity... more »

  • The Sights And Sounds Of Christmas

    I love to walk down the sidewalk in town
    When it's nearly Christmas time
    December is such a busy month
    The stores so crowded, I find.... more »

  • The Sky’s Brilliant Color

    Such beauty makes you wonder
    How life could be other than sweet
    A feeling of peace overwhelming
    The world is like a soft retreat... more »

  • The Smells And Love Of Thanksgiving

    A week before that special day
    We start to clean our home
    We try to make it sparkle
    Where friends and relatives roam... more »

  • The Sod House

    I visited a house the other day
    It was built a long time ago
    It was made of mostly sod throughout
    Preserved and kept to show... more »

  • The Sparkle Of Christmas

    The lights are shining brightly
    For Christmas time is here
    Don’t you love the holidays?
    It brings us so much cheer... more »

  • The Spicy Pickle

    I wanna tell you about a place
    That’s very special to me
    It’s called The Spicy Pickle
    They serve food so deliciously... more »

  • The Spirit Of Stone Bluff

    They had a strong clear vision
    Of what they wanted to create
    A pure delicious wine they thought
    For a party or with a dinner plate... more »

  • The Sunset Of His Years

    This precious little child
    Many years ago
    A father smiles in pride
    He loves that baby so... more »

  • The Sweater

    Julie wore a beautiful sweater
    Woven from the best of wools
    Long and snuggly with buttons
    Just right for the chilly fall... more »