• Too Beautiful For Words

    There’s no better way to start the day out
    Than to watch the amazing array
    Of colors that come up with the sun
    Creating in a warm and magnificent display... more »

  • Tornado Devastation

    It came spiraling down from above
    This twisting darkened thing
    We looked to the sky in horror
    What damage would this one bring?... more »

  • Touch Me Lord

    As I was walking through a field
    One sunny summer day
    I came upon a weeping man
    I listened to what he had to say... more »

  • Tractor Brigade

    We’re sitting here waiting
    To show our machines
    That we’ve spit-shined and polished
    All ready to be seen... more »

  • Trails Of Life

    So many memories in our minds
    As we stroll down life’s trails
    Some are short and uneventful
    Others there are mysteries unveiled... more »

  • Travel

    Traveling down those well-worn roads
    So much there is to see
    Carrying our trailer on our backs
    Is the perfect way to travel for me.... more »

  • Travel Flowers

    When you travel ‘cross the country
    You see along the roadways
    Bright and cheerful flowers especially
    In the warm spring and summer days... more »

  • Travel Mode

    I went to Wal Mart this morning
    My very favorite store
    I looked around the parking lot
    Before I went through the door... more »

  • Travel Sky

    When I travel all over the country
    It seems different up in the sky
    I love to take pictures each night
    I’m sure that you understand why.... more »

  • Travelin' Those Dusty Roads

    Travelin’ down those dusty roads
    Don’t know where I’ll go next
    But it doesn’t really matter ‘cause
    I’m on the roads that I love best... more »

  • Traveling On Route 66

    Travelin’ down the highway
    On a road carved from the dust
    Was a way to search for mobility
    Where highways were a must... more »

  • Treasured Memories

    It seems that since I turned older
    So many loved ones I have lost
    My mom and dad have long vanished
    My brother died at such a cost.... more »

  • Treasured Photographs

    They came from the early 1900’s
    These photos from long ago
    Back before there were cars
    And they are treasured so... more »

  • Treasures From The Past

    Oh so many treasures
    Invented many years ago
    And at the time they were founded
    Folks grew to love them so... more »

  • Tree Limb

    It was just a simple tree limb
    I saw as I watched the sun go down
    Probably fallen after it died
    For it was turning an autumn brown... more »

  • Tree Survival

    It was vicious and nasty and angry
    It blew in without style or grace
    And in the wake of its passing
    Destruction you could visibly trace... more »

  • Trees Of Distinction

    They grew tall and straight and bold
    For many years they adorned Oklahoma towns
    Folks were proud of them and they
    Were resilient and stood their ground... more »

  • Trees Reflect Memories

    Trees sprout from a tiny seed
    Grow majestic to see
    Whether an oak or a maple
    Or a China Berry tree... more »

  • Tribal Traditions

    How beautiful the costumes
    How compelling is the sound
    Carefully sending messages
    In that special way that’s found... more »

  • Troubled Times

    It was difficult, if not impossible
    When long ago the white men came
    For the Indians, their world changed
    And would never be the same... more »

  • Truck Stop Dog

    It was during a night in a truck stop
    Where my husband and I stayed
    All by ourselves in a corner
    Road weary and tired and dismayed... more »

  • Trust In Ourselves

    We have to take responsibility
    For God can’t solve it all
    Sometimes we have to stumble
    And possibly even fall... more »

  • Try To Smile For Another Day

    There are many of us have talked to God
    About what's going on in our world
    Too much about sadness and death
    As into a nightmare we've been hurled.... more »

  • Tumbleweeds, Windmills & Red Dirt

    Tumbleweeds against the fence
    Along a red dirt road I see
    A dusty smell fills the air
    In the middle of the vast country... more »

  • Tumbleweeds, Windmills And Red Dirt

    Tumbleweeds against the fence
    Along a red dirt road I see
    A dusty smell fills the air
    In the middle of the vast country.... more »