• Wonderful Fall Colors

    I love all the seasons, it's true
    But colors there are in the fall
    Make a drastic transformation
    I am transfixed, and that's not all.... more »

  • Wonderful Old Barns

    There is nothing like an old barn
    To leave a trail of history
    So worn and tired and weary
    A thrilling tale of mystery... more »

  • Wonderful Old Homes

    Don’t you love old homes?
    Weather-worn and weary
    Dark now from abandonment
    So sad and dark and dreary... more »

  • Wonderful Old Photos

    Looking into old boxes
    Tucked away in old chests
    In the attic or storage rooms
    Are treasures I love the best... more »

  • Wonderful, Delicious Summer

    I cannot think of a better time
    For colors to stand out
    Than wonderful delicious summer
    I'm so happy I want to shout.... more »

  • Words By Aunt Ethel

    I came upon a photo album
    All tattered now with age
    And the words of Aunt Ethel
    Are written on every page... more »

  • Work Of A Woman

    Do you ever think about the chores
    That women have to do?
    They make sure everyone is fed
    Try to make them happy too... more »

  • World Of Country

    My country drive was so relaxing
    On this simple summer day
    I stopped my work because
    There was nothing I couldn’t delay... more »

  • World Of Fish

    It was beautiful to see
    The fish in all their glory
    A marine life extravaganza
    That told a lovely story... more »

  • World Of Ice

    Sparkling in the wonderful world of ice
    Seemed to stop the earth in its tracks
    A beautiful frozen transformation
    And that’s where everything was at... more »

  • World Of White

    When I woke up this morning
    My world was layered in white
    So cold it was and very still
    Snow had fallen through the night... more »

  • Worn Little Church

    It is old and in disrepair
    But for many years was strong
    Folks gathered within its walls
    As they sang sweet holy songs... more »

  • Wrestling Hall Of Fame

    We hopped aboard our swanky bus
    And down the road we went
    Exciting places we had to go
    And a wonderful time was spent... more »

  • Write Notes To Your Kids

    I wrote an article for Woman’s World
    It was quite a few years ago
    The article was about parenting
    I thought you might like to know... more »

  • Wyoming

    We drove into Wyoming
    Montana was behind us now
    We saw some horses grazing
    Of course some herds of cows... more »

  • Wyoming Truck Stop

    I spent the night in a truck stop
    Where engines hum all night
    I woke up this morning
    And it was quite an amazing sight... more »

  • Yellow Brick Road

    I’ll bet that you remember a movie
    About a Yellow Brick Road
    Dorothy was the little girl
    And Toto was her dog... more »

  • Yellow Flowers

    Did you ever notice
    How yellow seems to be
    The strongest of the flowers
    At least it seems to me... more »

  • Yellow Flowers Of Spring

    It’s right around the corner
    I’m so thankful that it’s true
    Yellow buds will swell and burst
    Opening up for me and you... more »

  • Yellow Ribbon

    He made quite an impression
    And he was very much aware
    They had combed and fluffed
    His soft lovely brown hair... more »

  • Yellowstone Geysers

    I’ll tell you of a place to go
    On your next family vacation
    When you hear how wonderful it is
    I think you’ll give it consideration... more »

  • Yesterday And Tomorrow

    As I watch the brilliant sun set
    It is the most delightful sight
    For it’s so post card perfect
    As another day had taken flight... more »

  • Yesterday’s Christmas

    I guess we all look back
    Remember Christmases of old
    Photographs refresh our minds
    Many stories that have been told... more »

  • Yesterday’s Pleasures

    Once again I looked to the past
    Photos helped me to see
    My younger self appear again
    Nestled in a box so faithfully... more »

  • Yesterday's Snow

    Yesterday it snowed and snowed
    Turning our world to white
    A blanket of sparkling snowfall
    Covered everything in sight... more »