• A Horse Chesnut Tree

    The stump of a horse chesnut tree
    Sits in the long grass beside a path
    That has simply been made
    By countless numbers of passing feet... more »

  • A Log Fire

    It's sleeting outside and there's a biting wind
    The sort that goes right through you
    And freezes you to the marrow
    The sun is setting and it's dark with clouds... more »

  • A Man?

    He went out one night
    For a long, late walk
    Alone with his thoughts
    Desiring no other company... more »

  • A Masquerade

    Do any of us truly wear our own face
    Whether we are indoors among those closest to us
    Or in or out among those we think we know
    And out among those we definately do not... more »

  • A Miracle, Please

    I need a miracle, desperately
    Therefore I will pray on bended knee
    To whatever omnipotent being
    Just might be out there to hear... more »

  • A Moonlit Night

    Too early for some, too late for others
    Even the many stars were dulled
    With the lake below, a sullen thing
    But then the moon arose... more »

  • A Mouse

    He had eaten his fill
    Of the food left uncovered
    In the pantry, by the busy wife
    Whom in her haste... more »

  • A Nightmare?

    Ralph had a horrible nightmare
    In which a demon was chasing him
    But when he told his friends at the pub
    They just laughed and said, 'It's only a dream'... more »

  • A Prayer To The West Wind

    The west wind comes from over the sea
    Whipping up the spume or blowing gently
    Full of rain from drizzle to lashing storm
    Shaking loose fruit from the boughs of trees... more »

  • A Rose

    I picked a perfect rose
    Salmon pink and sweetly scented
    I knew it wouldn't last that long
    But I did it to save it from the weather... more »

  • A Shallow Stream

    The stream meanders slowly
    In no rush to meet its' end
    As if it knows this patch of water
    Will eventually meet with the river... more »

  • A Stone Tower

    There is a tower you can climb
    Up the winding inside stairs
    And at the top, there's a fantastic sight
    Of all the surrounding countryside... more »

  • A Tile

    There is a tile on the roof of the garage
    That seems to prefer to be on the ground
    Three times the man has been to fix it
    Yet if the wind blows more than a puff... more »

  • A Walk Of Trees

    Come with me. along a path I know
    That runs beside a deep narrow river
    That in places is only a stream
    Into which twiggy alders and willows... more »

  • Aber Falls

    It starts high up in the mountains
    Coming down as a rivulet
    Till it reaches the granite wall
    And comes over the lip... more »

  • Adam Went Fishing

    Adam was just turned eighteen
    A fisherman by trade
    He went out with his father
    Six days a week, in their tiny boat... more »

  • After The Rain

    When the sun shines again
    After a heavy shower of rain
    And through the open window
    You breathe in the freshly washed air... more »

  • Afterwards

    I had rehearsed what I would say
    A hundred, thousand times
    Yet knowing all the while
    That I would lose in the end... more »

  • Alone

    We walked along together
    Under the street lamps of the town
    While a rainbow of neon lights
    Were reflected in puddles on the ground... more »

  • An Answer

    You say that I mustn't say
    some of the things I do
    Just because you do not
    Does that give you the right... more »

  • An Eagle

    Up and over the mountain
    Sweeping down to the valley below
    Using the thermals, wings outstretched
    Looking for that elusive meal... more »

  • An Ode To Fred

    I have a tame seagull
    That I have named Fred
    Who comes, if nearby, to my call
    He'll eat left over chips... more »

  • Ashes

    Something is falling from the air
    You would think that it is snow
    But it is grey as well as white
    It lays now on everything, like a blanket... more »

  • Autumn Evening

    The daytime was drifting over
    As the sun began to sink
    Like a phoenix in it's flamming nest
    The oystercatchers pipping... more »

  • Being Helpful

    I'm sorry for all the things I did
    And all the things I tried to do
    Don't worry; I've learnt my lesson well
    They say, no good deed goes unpunished... more »